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Onboarding to The Unicorn DAC

This is a process developed for the Unicorn DAC to evaluate and onboard new members. However, it can be used by or adapted to fit any part of Giveth or any projects outside the galaxy as well! This is open source social technology :-)

Phase 1: Recruitment

  • Collaborators find us, or we find them, or are referred through community connections
  • Join Contributors room and fill out the Giveth Maker form

Phase 2: Experience in the Giveth Galaxy

  • Hang out on riot
  • Attend at least one gov meeting
  • Attend Roles meeting
  • Contribute
  • Make a milestone and complete it to “Paid”
  • Giveth culture training (yet to be determined - potentially an NVC class)
  • Read the mission statement, manifesto, explore wiki and medium
  • Identify at least 2 givethers who are close to your work. They will ask around within the DAC and test the waters to get a preliminary idea if you will be voted in or not. This is an important step before moving to the Commitment Meeting.

Phase 3: Commitment Meeting

  1. Choose 3 Unicorns to commit to. (Very likely will be the 2 chosen above, plus onboarding person) They:
    a) Know your work well.
    b) Interact with your roles.
    c) Hear your intention and commitment (and have documented).
    d) Are folks you can check in with re: your roles and progress.
    e) Will be present at any appraisals/evaluations of your work/roles.
  2. Meet with these 3 people.
  3. The commitment meeting begins with a wholeness practice, grounding, centering in to the place of deep care that brings and keeps us all at Giveth.
  4. Confirm that the above steps of recruitment and experience in the galaxy have happened.
  5. Answer these three (multipart) questions:
    a) What is your sense of your life trajectory? How could working here fit with what you sense you are called to be and to do in the world?
    b) What aspect of the Giveth purpose resonates with you? What unique talents and gifts could you contribute to Giveth’s journey?
    c) How can your sponsors support your mission in the Giveth Galaxy, and to the sponsors, how do you see yourself supporting the Unicorn? ,br>
  6. Confirm you have read and agree to:
    a) Mission statement
    b) Manifesto
    c) Advice process
    d) Conflict resolution process
    e) Milestone tutorial
    f) Roles Process
    If there is no written agreement, this meeting will be recorded.
  7. Present your roles (in Roles Spreadsheet format) to the meeting participants and make clear your commitments.
  8. Agree to/set a date for evaluation/appraisal meeting in the future. For example: “We agree that if it hasn’t happened organically in the roles meeting already, we will evaluate my roles after 10 years.” ;-P (Jk, probably like 6 months)

Phase 4: Nuts and Bolts

  • Add your role(s) to the Roles Sheet
  • Get public wallet address, Metamask, hardware wallet etc set up
  • Add yourself, your riot handle and Unicorn DAC address to the List of Unicorns
  • Schedule any orientation pieces like NVC class
  • Install and get oriented to any tools we use like Zenhub
  • Ensure you are in all the relevant riot rooms
  • Potentially get email addy

Phase 5: Vote

  • We hold a vote on loomio (until we can do this on Aragon) and there is a better than a 2/3rds majority consensus for the new Unicorn to join the DAC.
  • with a 50% quorum once quorum is reached the vote has 48 hours before it is complete. This is an interesting model… if you are a no vote, the strategy would be to wait for the yes’s to reach over 50% and then start the no campaign. So there should be a 48 hour time clock that starts after the yes’s reach over 50% for no’s to have time to vote. This is nice as most unicorns will be admitted into the DAC with 100% consensus and the people that would have voted no will actually just not vote and they will not be politically “embarrassed” by voting against the herd, which would align them
    • For example these would be Winning votes:
      6 total unicorns - 4 vote - 3 say yes - 1 says no
      10 total unicorns - 6 vote - 5 say yes - 1 says no
      11 total unicorns - 6 vote - 5 say yes - 1 says no
      30 total unicorns - 16 vote - 16 say yes - 0 say no
      30 total unicorns - 16 vote - 11 say yes - 5 say no
      30 total unicorns - 23 vote - 16 say yes - 7 say no
    • For example these would be Losing votes:
      6 total unicorns - 3 vote - 3 say yes - 0 say no (no quorum)
      10 total unicorns - 9 vote - 6 say yes - 3 say no (not better than 2/3rds majority)
      30 total unicorns - 15 vote - 15 say yes - 0 say no (no quorum)
      30 total unicorns - 16 vote - 10 say yes - 6 say no (not better than 2/3rds majority)
      30 total unicorns - 24 vote - 16 say yes - 8 say no (not better than 2/3rds majority)

Phase 6: Congratulations and Welcome!

You receive your Unicorn Horn :) OR, if this month it is not yet the right fit to welcome you as a Unicorn, you may continue to revisit this process in the future.

Note: phases 1 & 2 can happen in switched order, as can phases 4 & 5. Most of the nuts and bolts will be taken care of at different points throughout this process, and since there are so many pieces to secure, it’s important to have someone who serves as the point person for this part of the Unicorn DAC (chases down/supports new unicorns thru onboarding pieces). For the time being, Loie fills this role. If others are interested in helping steward parts of this process (Yay!) as they become attuned to it, they are warmly welcomed to propose that.