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Getting Funding From The Unicorn DAC

The Unicorn DAC is a funding experiment that might get you some support for your work! How does this happen?

There’s a group of Giveth Unicorns who each receive a delegation allowance of 600 DAI every week. They can delegate some or all of that to milestones for work that ushers Giveth towards its goals.

Want some of this funding? WE WANT YOUR MILESTONES! Follow these steps:

  1. Do the work, or plan the work! You can get funded for something you already did in a volunteer capacity but would like to accept donations for, or you can request funding for something before you do it.
  2. Ask yourself “Is this work contributing to the mission & goals?” Is it making the world a better place where open source, decentralized technology promotes altruism? This could be either by developing on one of the Giveth Galaxy current projects or something that supplements and supports Giveth.
  3. Propose a Milestone in the fitting campaign. Contact the campaign manager (unless it’s you ;) either before or after you make the milestone to let them know who you are and what your plans are!
  4. Talk with people about your work! Be vocal and don’t hesitate to promote your milestone in various riot chat channels. Know a Unicorn personally? Lobby them to fund your milestone!

Giveth strives to build community around causes, and your work is one of them! Take every opportunity to engage in conversation with the campaign managers, Unicorns, chat room members, and various folks in the Giveth Galaxy. It'll help get your milestone funded :)

Are you reading this in total confusion? How do I make a Milestone? What’s a campaign manager? Spend some time on the Giveth Wiki and then come back :)
After that… Got any questions? Ask me - I’m obsessed with the Unicorn DAC!

All the love & rainbows,