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Roles Procedure

So, you are a Giveth Unicorn and would love to become part of our Unicorn DAC? Joining our monthly Roles Meeting is a crucial step in this one. The Roles Meeting takes place every month; so feel free to join here to find out how we roll.

Our roles meeting procedure is part of our ongoing endeavor to be as inclusive and transparent as possible and is based on the holacratic principles as described here.

Below you can find out how you can find your role, if you have any questions, just contact @loie on Riot !

Step 1: Find your place

First step is to introduce yourself, observe the different rooms in Riot, introduce yourself and just ask questions, we love questions! Socialise with us and assess the Giveth Galaxy puzzle, put your feelers out and move towards the places you resonate with. If you see something you can and want to do, ask people if its relevant!

Step 2: Do the work!

What happens next? You get some work done! Experiment by taking up specific tasks as a contributor. Whether it's writing an article about a Giveth related subject, organizing some folks around a certain motion, hacking away on a bounty issue: try it out and let the community see you contribute! If it goes well, move on to step 3!

Step 3: Describe your role

Go to the roles sheet and add yourself. How do you fill out this form? Below a short explanation of what to add in which column:

(A) Describe your role in a few words
(B) Fill in your name or alias (easy)
(C) Describe why you believe this role is missing or valuable to the Giveth Community
(D) Decide or suggest to which circle is probably most aligned
(E) Review the goals for your circle and fill in the numbers of the specific goals
(F) Describe which domains for which you’d like to claim responsibility
(G) Describe as detailed as possible what you can be held accountable for in your role

.. and that’s it for now! Contact @loie on Riot and let her know you filled this out.

Note: - At the top of the sheet you find a copy of the explanation above with all links included - The roles sheet linked here is ‘comment only’, this will not prevent you to add anything, we will just approve for you. Once you’re a true Unicorn, just ask for edit rights to update easily.

Step 4: What are you working on

Once you are up and running in the Giveth Galaxy it is time for the exciting stuff! and tell the other Unicorns what you are currently working on and what else is coming up.

2 weeks before the Roles Meeting @loie will contact you (in a room or individually) and ask you to update your projects (H) and Next-actions (I) in the roles sheet.

(H) In this column you list which projects you are currently working on and always think how they link back to the goals of your circle
(I) List some of the next, more granular steps coming out of these projects to make it more tangible

Step 5: Vote!

1 week before the Roles Meeting, as soon as @loie has reviewed that people have updated their projects, she will let you know it is time to vote. Now you can let us know how you feel different roles are being filled. During the meeting this feedback will be discussed.

How to do this?

  • Go back into the sheet, scroll to the right, add your name in the top (row 2)
  • Add a score from 1-5 plus feedback per role you have relevant thoughts on

A few crucial notes here

  • The ‘default’ score is 5, only go lower if you have rational and valid feedback for improvement, based on objective observations linked to the accountabilities that go with the role
  • The projects and next-actions help you to evaluate how people are filling in a role (and why)
  • Giveth is all about positivity so make sure to always give constructive and rational feedback
  • The feedback you give is about a specific role a person fulfills, not about the person: roles; not souls!
  • Please do vote on all the roles, but only give feedback (and possibly a score lower than 5) on roles you have actual and objective feedback on.

In the near future, its likely we'll DAOify this process with Aragon.

Step 6: Join the Meeting

A few days before the meeting @loie, who will also facilitate this meeting, will announce the meeting and ask for your confirmation to join.

If you have any follow-up question about this, please contact @loie on Riot!

Please find the roles sheet here