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How to record a Giveth meeting

We tried different software solutions for online video conferencing as this form of communication is a cornerstone how we maintain a high level of cooperation and organize discussions within our decentralized community.

Organization and technicalities

1 - Please announce the meeting a few days ahead, you might want to use the advice process and loomio/doodle to find a date if the meeting is not regular.

2 - Be sure that there is at least one person taking notes in the meeting.

3 - Be sure that there is somebody capable of streaming the meeting.

4 - We use JitSi conferencing, just create a room for the meeting by visiting

5 - Please don't forget to announce the meeting in Riot chat before you properly start.

6 - There should always be an introductory round and a closing round.

7 - After the meeting, please make sure the notes land in the Wiki and the video on our YouTube channel (we usually post to our Giveth Transparency channel:

Note taking

We strictly use markdown editors (like for recording notes, because in that way we can save the notes straight to the Wiki.


To do it properly we use two open-source applications for this.

OBS (Recording a stream)

Please visit and install OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). After installation you will be enter a wizard. You can play with the settings, but to make it easy, here is what I chose: Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary Base Resolution (1280x720), FPS (Either 60 or 30) Stream Type (Streaming Services), Service(YouTube), Server (Primary YouTube Ingest server), Stream Key (we-have-two-channels-choose-the-right-one), Video Bitrate (3000). Prefer hardware encoding is awesome but might not work on every machine, Estimate bitrate is great if you are on a new connection. It will run a test now which gives you best settings

You are now ready to stream - you need to setup your video and audio sources. You can add more, but the minimum is to add Screen Capture.

Depending on your connection you can hit Stream or record the meeting and then upload it to YouTube


We encourage all meeting recordings to be kept as a backup. To do this, we share folder between each other containing recorded videos.

Please visit and get this open source tool for privately sharing folders between computers. Installation and setup is very easy, the website explains it well.

Add geleeroyale's Device to get access to the shared video folder and send him a PM that you want access: