Giveth Governance

Welcome to the little 'homepage' of the Giveth Governance Circle!

Giveth aims to be a breeding ground for governance experiments and make these accessible to the outside world through the use of blockchain technology. With the Giveth DAC we are experimenting and documenting anything that could be useful for future decentralized communities like ours (through concepts like Holacracy, RewardDAO, Liquid Pledging and more). At the same time, when we run into problems with our projects, we look outwards and unite people through initiatives such as scaling, signaling, block explorers and the decentralization of everything!

The Riot channel for all things Governance can be found here, feel free to join us!

Do read more on all our initiatives and experiments in the documentation (see navigation on your left), or on our Medium blog.

Below you can find an overview of the goals we are working towards. If you have any question or are interested to contribute, feel free to reach out to @griffgreen in the #governance channel on Riot!

Primary Goals

  • Internal Governance Exploration: Experiment with ànd document decentralized governance structures within the Giveth DAC (e.g. Holacracy, RewardDAO, Liquid Pledging, etc) that could be useful for future Decentralized Altruistic Organizations to learn from and implement (Modeling DACs).

  • Improving the Ethereum Commons: Get the Blockchain (in Blockchain4Good) going. When Giveth runs into a problem, like scaling, help solve that problem for everyone not just ourselves. This expresses itself by collaborating in various working groups such as: Governance, Signaling, Block Explorers, Scaling, etc.

  • Giveth Bureaucracy: Cover basic needs of the Giveth DAC to function, such as creating & maintaining basic team structure, conflict resolution, administration, financial transparency, organization of team gatherings and quality assurance / quality control.

  • Giveth Donations: Oversee donation raising for the Giveth DAC through grants and reaching out to the community.

Secondary Goals

  • External Collaboration: Instigate and foster collaborations between other decentralized projects for the Giveth platform and aid in onboarding projects to the DApp (especially around advising the implementation of their own unique governance).

  • Strategy and Scope: Lead the conversation in overall strategy especially in narrowing scope and selecting the audience to focus on.