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Smart Contract Roadmap


11/08 - Withdraw contract
- White Hat Group members will use to withdraw 50% of donated funds based on their contributions to this summer's rescue of over $200 million worth of ether and tokens.

11/15 - Critical for promoting MLP to mainnet
- Liquid Pledging Plugins (LPPs) should issue tokens on withdrawal. 10 lines of code. 2 days. (Done by perissology)
- Whitelist plugins using hash of code. Fast. 2 days. (Done by perissology)
- Merge escape hatch and limits into Liquid Pledging (LP) for security. 1 day.

11/23 - Promote MLP to mainnet

12/02 - After mainnet
- Testing, testing, testing. Scenarios, edge cases. Understanding of contracts is needed for good edge cases.
- Adapt LP to use any token instead of just ether. Product needs to decide which token.
- Remove LP's dependency on vault contract by importing desired functionality into LP itself.

12/13 - Yoga Token
- Minime ported to ERC 223. Community of work. Need to discuss with Foundation. Epoch snapshot. Carbon voting.

12/20 - Liquid Pledging UI
- Complete Jordi's well defined requirements.

12/27 - Voting
- Giveth provides and executes our first use case for voting on the blockchain. This will be a next step moving Giveth to a DAO.


01/02 - Truffle PoC for Liquid Pledging (LP)
- We want to make a PoC once Truffle upgrades to its next release. LP and the LP UI provide a solid use case because LP UI imports contract dependencies from external repos.