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Team Organization

Governance & Circles

Giveth DAC is organized into four different circles to better manage the requirements of the many different engagements of the Giveth DAC. Each circle is appointed a lead person as final decision-maker.

Those four circles and their points of contact are:

For more details, please visit the different sections linked above and join the related chat rooms for all questions!

Online Meetings

The Giveth community meets regularly online for video conferences:

Giveth Community (DAC) Meetings

Circle Meetings

  • When: At different times each week
  • Where: Best to get the current info from the respective chat channel or the wiki entry under their names
  • Historical Meetings: Giveth Transparency Channel on YouTube
  • Description: Every circle holds one meeting per week

To get more involved in our team please review the documentation under Unicorn DAC and especially check the Roles page