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Roles Meeting 7th of August 2018

Participants: Kay, James (madeoftin), Deam, Lorelei, Kris, Bowen, Yalor, Lindsay, Griff, Vojtech, RJ, Dani



  • Set-up idea of the meeting visual by Lorelei here
  • Important links & to do's here

Purpose & initial thoughts by Lorelei:

  • General efficiency with the roles
  • Onboarding process needed - this can help
  • built some structures
  • focus on roles, not souls
  • will be a monthly meeting
  • can be a launchpad for self-set salaries
  • connecting the roles to the goals (connect to where we are going)

Part I: Check-in

(only mentioning special points of interesting) - yalor toggled off - james is lurking & observing - kay: we had a first roles meeting last year! - lorelei: this needs to be fun!

Part II: Everyone gets a rose

How does it work? - what's sweet - what's a thorn - what's the bud - developing/looking fwd to


  • Lorelei

    • sweet: this roles meeting & collab with kris
    • thorn: lots of preconceived notions
    • bud: onboarding process, excited to develop this
  • Danni

    • sweet: new commitment & working with all of giveth
    • thorn: technology & connectivity + time mgmt
    • bud: onboarding process, very excited about this!
  • Griff

    • sweet: being succesful & getting outside donations
    • thorn: overcommitted & broken leg
    • bud: DECENTRAL - link burner with crypto
  • Kay

    • sweet: revamping the web presence
    • thorn: getting proactive help sometimes difficult
    • bud: working with deam & decentral meetup
  • Bowen

    • sweet:fun to work on the security guarding
    • thorn: javascript knowledge
    • bud: js classes
  • RJ

    • sweet: feathers a lot better & that we're live
    • thorn: haven't had so much time for giveth recently
    • bud: making things go more smoothly
  • Vojtech

    • sweet: really using the dapp
    • thorn: way too many things outside of dev, who to delegate to
    • bud: very soon full team & projects to join us
  • Kris

    • sweet: working on aragon
    • thorn: revisiting how i do my current role and where to delegate
    • bud: this roles meeting, going to burning man!!!
  • Deam

    • sweet: giveth bot with more functionality , donation leaderboard
    • thorn: not using the leaderboard enough!
    • bud: blockternship and how this will go
  • James

    • a budding rose :) just happy to be here!
  • Lindsay

    • sweet: decentral event, planning this
    • thorn: distraction of all the chats
    • bud: burning man, starting to see the fruits of the planning


This activity... - brought out some action items - gave people some perspective on other people activities - showed people some oppertunities to contribute - showed people where we can collaborate with eachother

Part III: Roles

  • Roles document link

    • this doc is an oppt to talk about what you need done
    • remake of our old document (simplified)
    • explainer of every column is at the top
  • We listened to the needs

    • onboard & offboard
    • need to delegate
    • this is a tool that can make this work
    • this really is not about people! really truly about the roles

Part IV: Reactions & Clarifications

  • Clarifying questions

    • What are the action steps (griff)
      • add new roles or flesh out the current ones for yourself & your circle (can also be for hiring purposes)
    • deadline (kris)
      • if possible before burning man, otherwise after ASAP
  • Reactions

    • Bowen
      • great idea, good way to learn
    • Dani
      • good opt to understand all the roles to get more involved & hear from the people
    • Griff
      • excited to see how this will facilitate the unicorn DAC, stoked to see how it will help with hiring, governance etc
      • curious if we will have buy-in, as it takes some work. Unicorn DAC will incentivize owning this
    • Deam
      • great, let's see how this goes
    • Kay
      • likes the goals linked to this, griff wondered how we can keep this alive, hope this will work, likes the structure, likes the disconnect role & soul
      • full buy-in, needs to be on the onboarding wiki
    • Vojtech
      • we really need roles, it's been a struggle & a crucial part of holacracy. roles seem very disconnected from the overall goals
      • would like to flesh it out more together or we might miss or add roles that are not important, how will you remove this?
    • RJ

      • this is a good start, more ownership, optimistic
    • Kris

      • really believe this will work
      • add what roles you think are necessary, if you see an issue, you can put a comment in there and say the issue during the roles meeting, and that's how we as a team can enforce
      • concerned about buy in.... we are a permissionless community,
      • with Lorelei pushing it i think it will work out
    • Lindsay

      • full support, will be as good as we make it, hopefully people will be involved
      • onboarding will be really helpful
    • James

      • feel lucky to have met you guy, really like this template, useful for projects.
    • Lorelei

      • appreciate everyone's openness, good training wheels ride for the roles meeting


  • griff: well prepared by lorelei & kris, thx for prep
    • lindsay: thx for all the hard work
    • bowen: cool & exciting
    • vojtech: hope this happens!
    • dani: super helpful spreadsheet
    • kay: great initiative
    • rj: good meeting
    • deam: looking fwd
    • kris: thx a lot!
    • james: amen, nice!
    • lorelei: thanks to all & plz don't postpone ;-)