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Onboarding Meeting

Monday June 4th 2018

Attending: Xavi, Davy, Lindsay, Lydia, Kris, Griff, Lorelei, Adam, Kay, Vojtech, RJ, Satya, Yalor

This meeting began as an organic conversation at the Giveth Castle Hackathon and evolved into a more structured gov-mtg style integrative decision making process.

DApp team announces we project to have the DApp ready to invite a few projects to use by July 1st. We need a dedicated role of onboarder, and nominate Grace. Kris objects to this nomination of Grace,

1st org to onboard: GraceAid?

If not 1st of July, pospone til September because August is too full of burning man.

What is onboarding?

It takes a lot of time to onboard new orgs to a new technology, we could even start now, there would be a month of holding their hands and fully orienting them to why and how to use Giveth DApp successfully.

We haven’t even touched the donate button ourselves, there are parts of this that we haven’t tested. Proposal: have 1 month of testing that internally within giveth, then a feedback round, and improvements then made before talking about onboarding other organizations.

Let’s investigate beforehand, asking potential onboard orgs what features they would use - for example, finding out do they want different types of milestones? Would you use reg rewards milestones and reward dao milestones if you were given these templates?

Creating a tutorial is a huge part of onboarding.

Let’s onboard ourselves! ^ok, then get specific. Make this an initiative that we commit to.

Can we onboard another organization at the same time as Giveth?

Why bring in other organizations when we don’t even enjoy using our own DApp? Perhaps we are our own worst customer - how will we know if we are using it wrong/another org could use what we have now perfectly unless we onboard an external org?

End of June we should be able to go live on Mainnet and have a donate button. Then have some time to test and document within ourselves, all about how to use this and put it on our wiki.

Can we start onboarding ourselves and GraceAid now? Perhaps we split different elements of onboarding for different time periods? Ie: this month showing people how to use metamask, how to backup their wallets, how to use our platform, then next month they can begin with the donate button and using the dApp fully. Are we Colony or are we Aragon?

Aragon did three huge rewrites, netiher of them are using their product.

Vojtech’s Proposal:

As we are onboarding ourselves we also onboard other projects. Very likely we are using it before them by a few weeks. Let’s bring on 5 projects that are going to give feedback to that project. July 1st for us, 2-3 weeks later for external projects. First selecting 5 projects. Second step define what does it mean to use our platform. Third, explain this to them.

Clarifying Questions

Do those five exclude giveth, aragon dac, others connected to us? Yes, completely external Are you attached to that number 5? No, but as many as possible How much external support outside of dapp and onboarding team do you expect? Onboarding team=1 person full time, ideally more. This includes writing the content. 1 day per dapper per week. Customer support/success person would be full time in other companies. This is not the person who writes the content but who communicates for them. This person finds the writers, etc. If this was comms circle’s responsibility it would take up all our time, not possible. This full time needs to be 1 person, not split.

Reaction Round

Kay - it’s tough i would love for people to be able to use it soon, this timeline seems very fast. Thes projects might be a big distraction, it might take most or all of the resources we have. It should be very gradual.

Adam - both are compelling points. My relationship is abstract

Loie - There are … I think the right answer is a fusion of 2 processes… on boarding before people can use the donations and put money on the platform… on boarding phase 2 is when people can actually use the platform… they are both great

Griff - Asking other ppl to put their time and money at risk, PTSDao, I hope that not too much comes in in the very beginning that is not our close community, I agree there’s social benefit to being able to say yes we are in the process of onboarding. We’re underestimating the bugs we’ll run into and the time it will take to sort that out. The dates scare me, the uncertainty of how easy it will be for giveth to use the platform. The idea just mentioned of having three weeks where giveth is using it and soft onboarding other projects, that’s good. August is a month where ½ the team is taking off, trying to get that going beforehand is crazy, putting in the groundwork sounds good tho

Kris - i apologize for getting too emotional, i truly believe in giveth and have never been happier in my life. Worked deep in the corporate microsoft startup world, i know how complicated it can be. In order to keep it simple you need time. Why are we in a rush? I’ve seen others fail because of this, let’s do it our way not theirs.

Lindsay - BM absence is a big consideration. Starting out the process and dragging out the dates assigned to it (as Vojtech said) is a good idea.

Davy - I see Vojtech’s point that he needs different users to see where the problems are, i also see the rush is not good, it is a question of equilibrium. You are all agreeing, find that exact point where you all are happy.

Xavi - the impression i have always: giveth is trying to do too much. The more stuff you have the more relationships you need, the complexity is exponential. It’s one of the reasons i’m away from giveth, its too much. My view from being inside giveth. As a user, someone who wants to try the platform, it feels very far away from something usable. Simplify simplify simplify. Focus.

Yalor - I really feel this process of onboarding outside opinions WILL help us simplify. It will help us get outside what our idea of what the dapp should be. I’m for pushing it out and getting that feedback from other people and we tend to complicate it when it is just us internal.

RJ - I think 5 is too much, but 2 or 3 is a realistic number. The feedback is invaluable. Im completely against the idea of building it more for ourselves. July 1st for us for sure, september 1st for other projects.

Satya - important to transform from inner focus to getting feedback from outside. We are in a bubble full of assumptions. We need to start that transformation, we need a new role to do that and start working with external projects. 5 projects is a bit too many at first, maybe adding new ones two or three weeks in between. I understand everybody’s fear, BM and holidays are a real consideration if we look at the way works stopped last year. We could start probing with projects and see what woud be a good timeline for them, Sept 1st is more realistic.

Vojtech - Amend and Clarify

At the beginning when we started this we had a very clear goal of DevCon 3, we had this idea we could build this in two months and release it to be able to be used then. We were very optimistic, but now it does work, it has changes to be made but it works, and we are now talking about postponing another 3 months. If we don’t do it before BM, we miss a valuable opportunity to present at DevCon 4. Also the ability to present at LaBitconf, inviting latin american projects to use. We onboard ourselves first of July. We onboard 2 or 3 other projects before BM. ---Interlude we need to map the holidays calendar! Is it just bm? Is satya taking off diff time in august?---


Kris - I object if there is more than one project. If there is one project I would be ok with this with, it’s GoodCards. I can influence this process. I also object to Grace.

RJ - I object to onboarding more than one before august, agree GoodCards is the one. I think we are no much more likely to be ready by nov 1s than a month different, so why take the risk of setting goal onboard before august, so why threaten ourselves with missing devcon.

Vojtech - Can we open donations to general public?

Satya - we don’t have to present at devcon in the way of “we’re open live to anyone go have at it!” it could be presenting “this is us, here’s how these 3 projects have used the giveth platform in a pilot program”

Vojtech - since i want it to pass, let’s say onboard for us as soon as possible, start the process of looking for the person to lead it. Starting July/August, soft onboarding with goal of projects actively on in september. First project, or two or three would be ideal. At least one beginning, by end of september having 2 or 3 projects.

Voting round

We try a new voting method at this point, a scale holding up fingers: 5 being heck yes, 4 being i like it, 3 being i'm in the middle but i won't block it, 2 being i don't like it but i won't block it, and 1 being i object and i block this going forward, it isn't safe enough to try. We get all 3's and 4's except for one person, who holds a 1, and thus we move forward into integrating their objection into an amendment all can agree to. The amendment is to keep the goal of onboarding ourselves asap, commit to bring on only 1 external organization until it's proven the DApp is ready to use easily for other orgs. Rough agreement to revisit in July to address the timeline of bringing on second and third orgs. We go around once more with fingers and get all support.

Check out

Yalor - I’m so excited we’ve made this decision

RJ - meetings are fun! Pass

Satya - it’s gonna be a completely diff dynamic, im looking forward to it, i expected it would be difficult, im happy we made a decision to move in the right direction

Vojtech - i kind of don’t like BM now, it feels like its really impacting what giveth does and it shouldn’t! I’m quite unhappy about the outcome because i think it’s very slow. It’s strange to me in this group that makes big decisions very quickly, why so slow on this one? Can someone explain to me later, because i would really like to listen to that. Im happy we are agreeing to do this step, but i think doing it faster rather than slower it would build a lot of enthusiasm, now we are losing those benefits

Kay - I’m very excited, Vojtech i think you have a different clock, it’s nice to test for ourselves before. Giveth is there for the world and it will be and it should be and it feels good to have that next step so near!

Adam - i see big compromise made, hopefully convo keeps being had

Lorelei - good job on process

Griff - no faith in our ability to predict the future, things will change! We’ll know once we start to use it, so these big decisions will be made more accurately then. It’s a good thing. This decision more than anything was about not overcommitting ourselves.

Kris - this is governance, this is why we are building the dApp, this is the best meeting we’ve ever had, because important things were discussed. I want to address to vojtech because you were disappointed - you want to hear why we won’t move fwd on this, and i have the same question to you why do we need to rush? As if it is a choice of fear. But to me, rushing is the fear. I trust you guys. Do it, I will support you in every possible way. Im all for it.

Lindsay - important convo, you guys have a lot of control over this timeline, it will adapt and grow, its ours, don’t think you gave up control of the timeline. I think the emotional response of one person to the suggestion of one other person in giveth sphere, so against them, that is something to be addressed

Davy - i hope kris has some time off. Just keep balance and that will be ok

Lydia - i admire you guys for even trying to work on such a difficult task, in catalonia the word we say is to be pacific, it is amazing you communicate in this way and hold decentralization. Good work

Xavi - i’m not well informed on the specific issue. Deving is hard