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9th governance meeting Nov 17th**

Link to Live Stream

Attendees: Griff, Quazia, Oz, Edu, Satya, Kris, RJ, Kay, Vojtech, Alan, Joana

This Week in Giveth Videos :-D 6:05-6:20pm

Beginning of the meeting: 6:20pm central european time

Check in:

Griff: ::Distracted:: Beautiful music + girlfriend Also hungry ::Intentions:: Excited to talk budget and to talk over Satya's foreshadowing Quazia: ::Distracted:: doing notes ::intentions:: Quick meeting

Oz: Excited to see what everyone has to say ::Intentions:: have fun! Satya: Super excited! ::Intentions:: give everyone food for thought::distractions:: headache - will eat during the meeting?

Kris: ::Intentions:: not too long approve rapidly ::Distracted:: lack of internal clarity

RJ: ::Intentions:: Bring clarity ::Distractions:: Feels everything is up in the air, need clarity Kay: ::Intentions:: quick meeting, hear what people have to say ::distractions:: may lose power

Vojtech: ::Intentions:: short meeting (it won't be) Excited to hear from Satya and go over budget

Alan: Trying to wrap up loose ends from past few months; catch up. Working towards product development ::Intentions:: Approve budget and move forward with product.

Joana: Waived hi. Can't hear or see meeting but is working video as we speak


[you can add your agenda early if you want!]

Make short notes -Kay

Talk about rewards -Satya

Budget - V

Giveth Daily - Kris

Prop 1.

Tension: Notes are too long

Only the highlights should be recorded

Proposal: Reduce notes to single lines

One sentence or less for each section.

Clarifying questions:



Quazia: Good, maybe two modes?

RJ: Sounds good cut the fluff Alan: N/A

Oz: Are notes even needed?

Satya: Sounds good

Vojtech: Agrees - would not get rid of them

Griff: Need the notes but they could be shortened - Sympathetic towards secretary autonomy in distilling meeting notes

Kris: Keep notes, a DAC will need notes! Comments and reactions are needed but can be reworked and made more clear.

Amend and Clarify:

Never said to get rid of notes; the note taker may shorten things (remove checkin?) and a refined version should be added to the wiki. No fluff -> create a recap

Kay will upload all notes to the wiki (WOW)


Prop 2. Rewards


A lot of money is burnt on regular rewards; current burn rate is NOT sustainable



Replace regular rewards, keep core knowledge and values

A core team should be ~5 people working fulltime with competitive salaries

The core team should be hired through ethlance perhaps through voting

Core team members are required to maintain a reputation

Roles defined by needs and filled based on talent will be the most efficient

RewardDAO Need based tasks

Reputation required


Build a core team

Start from need

Stop wasting money

Clarifying questions:

Kris: What is a sales role? Is that community onboarding?

A: Sales roll is somebody that finds charities, not really sales


Griff: Couldn't agree more for the product/DAPP. The organization itself is beyond that. Research is inherently wasteful but this is separate from the core product. Researching how DAOs/DACs should actually run. Building a new way for humans to interact isn't going to be efficient. Alan: Agrees that Giveth is inefficient. At the same time part of what Alan has advertised is the unique organization structure. We are the R&D department that's why we're a money drain. A sustainable business model should still be reached.

Kris: Important this is being brought up. DAC management should be discussed. There needs to be a document where thoughts are compiled. Vojtech: Agrees with this concern. Prepared the budget accordingly.

RJ: Agrees this conversation needs to start. Commitment is an issue. How do you build a decent product without commitment. Agrees with Kris to have a separate conversation.

Oz: Sounds good to me. Has experience with the "startup world". If this solution will speak towards tensions this is a good thing to start working on. Quazia: Didnt know about RewardDAO… Agrees with Alan. Would work as volunteer instead of "paid" contributor.

Kay: Broken connection, opposed to forced performance metrics (dystopian)

Amend and Clarify:

Follow up discussion is needed.


Prop 3. Budget




There are about core roles that need to be filled. Very similar to Satya's proposal. 1 role may be filled by bounties.

Proposal is to follow this budget:

Table this until next meeting, respond in the meantime.

Clarifying questions:

Satya: Do we have runway until march? Where does the 3 roles come from?

Q. While 5 roles are identified it seems possible to do this with 3 people.

Q. Runway is dependant on price of ether, currently we're over budget by ~20k with ether at 300. USD pay is something that is practical.


Kris: Good idea, wants to circle back and maybe have an extra meeting RJ: Good start moving in the right direction

Kay: Need more time, we need a good prediction/budget.

Quazia: N/A

Alan: Good start, lets talk more next week. Connections cutting out.

Satya: If you give the core team a 1 year commitment how do you do that without the money?

Oz: N/A

Amend and Clarify:

Vojtech will send out a doodle for a tactical meeting.


Giveth Daily is TABLED Check out:

Griff: Went easier than predicted, see everybody next week.

Satya: Great meeting, glad everybody agrees with everything. We will figure this out together.

Alan: Good meeting, this are hard things to talk about Kay: Wants everyone to feel happy, these are hard to talk about Oz: Excellent job on budgeting. Everybody is great

RJ: Thanks to Satya, Vojtech and Griff. Good job staying on topic. Arthur: good meeting Vojtech: good meeting

Review: Note will be shortened and added to wiki.

End of meeting at: 6:45pm on 2017-11-17