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8th governance meeting Nov 10th

Link to Live Stream

Attendees: Kay, Quazia, Satya, Kriss, Oz, Griff, RJ, xavi (no mic)

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 6pm central european time

Check in:

Griff: Distracted by bad internet, intending on a long meeting

Oz: Distracted by this doc I'm typing in right now, gotta catch flight in hourish

Satya: not distracted, short meeting!

RJ: distracted by whitelist,

Kris: A bit tired but ready for whatever comes

Quazia: Distracted by jet lag, excited to be a part of the meeting

Kay: Not distracted; ready for anything.

Logistics: Meeting time has changed,


[you can add your agenda early if you want!]

Budget Circle Meeting - Griff

Mobile App - Oz

Google drive - Kris

Email thing (Zoho?) - arthur

Next gov meeting - satya

Prop 1. Budget circle meeting


We have to distribute budgets more and a meeting is needed to do this.


Have a budget circle meeting on Tuesday.

Clarifying questions:

Q.Is this a re-organization of circles?

  1. Yes; it's largely about splitting up the one big donation pot. Try to get internal model closer to the tool that we built. "The money throwdown debate."


Kris: none Satya: Didnt some people sign up for the budget circle?

K: missed the discussion? I'll be there

Arthur: none, sounds good

RJ: Budget circle is good, confirm on slack

Oz: sounds good

Amend and Clarify:

Make sure that schedules work for kay, Alan and Vojtech and will list meeting in slack.

Prop 2. Mobile app


We don't have a mobile app. We want to get a mobile app. This means funding is needed for the mobile app.


Add a new role for Oz "mobile app lead" to find funding and generate requirements.

Clarifying questions:

Q. Would this mean that time would be shifted away from core dev team time?

  1. No not until after November; not sure what will happen in December.


Rj: Sounds good as long as MVP is the priority.

Satya: Conflicted; we have a mobile app, you can use the website on mobile. Currently there are no users. If it can get funded separately why not?

Kris: Agrees with Satya. It's great to explore but after MVP launches and goes to mainnet we can expect MVP work through March and need Oz for that. Priorities need to be established for development team at another meeting.

Griff: Great idea; shouldn't become a distraction from MVP. MVP should be used to raise the money for this project. Everybody should do what they want so if Oz thinks this is an improvement it should be pursued. Once this infrastructure is in place it's less important to make sure everybody is on the same page. Once the MVP is out the centralization currently in place will be less important. The dream is to be a DAC!

Kris: In line with Griff. Prioritize the MVP, iron out the kinks, but in a few months mobile becomes relevant. Technology may need to advance more before this is practical. Resource allocation timing is important

Arthur: no input

Amend and Clarify:

Oz will leave the initial proposal. The video from 11/9 is actually about testing not the mobile app development. Oz is mindful of not taking resources from the MVP. Having it as a DAC on the MVP is awesome! Lets use what has already been made as much as possible. No code will actually be created for the mobile app in 2017.

Long term this decentralized shared economy needs to rely on videos and making/sharing these videos makes the most sense on mobile. What will make people feel good about giving away their money is always going to come back to video.

Griff Request for clarification: Should the name be changed?

Response -> Native or non-web mobile app. The important thing is offline access

Prop 3. Google Drive


Not everyone knew that the google drive was open


Restrict to view access for everyone

Clarifying questions:


Griff: sounds good

Satya: Maybe make sure everyone with a email has access automatically. Asking repeatedly is inefficient

Kay: Maybe could be used as a replacement for google drive. Would make sense to work with Kris to make all tools FOSS. If any of these centralized companies go out of business our things are gone. Arthur: No reason not to use a FOSS tools if they're "just as good"

Oz: down with open source tools

RJ: I like Satya's Idea; use

Amend and Clarify:

Check out Sandstorm, if it's just as functional we'll make the move. In the meantime limit access on Drive. Access can be organized around email addresses.

Prop 4. Email Thing ZoHo!


People can't send emails out using gandi


We need to be able to do this

Oz is handling this; Tension withdrawn

Prop 5. Next Gov meeting


Has 3 tensions so be ready


Next meeting will be really long, reg rewards, legal, holiday policies and sickness policies.

Check out:

Griff: Great Meeting, Shorter than expected cause Satya is holding out

Satya: Great meeting, Kay: Can't wait Oz: catch all meeting with the Gov meeting… but

Kris: Reg Rewards!!!

Arthur: good meeting RJ: good meeting

End of meeting at: 6:45pm on