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7th governance meeting 27th of October

Link to Stream

Note: names are shortened, attending: Kay, Vojtech, Satya, Kriss, RJ, Griff, Jen, Xavi, Alan,

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 5pm central european time

Check in:

Griff:intention:good meeting, is in public, bit distracted

K: all fine

S: distracted because super excited about cancun

V: also already in Cancun and in public

RJ: short meeting would be good

Jenni: distracted by pre orga Cancun

Krissis: distracted by pre orga Cancun

Xavi: distracted by cancun and catalan revolution

Logistics: non, some background noise because some folks are already in Cancun


Kay: make video upload strategy

Griff & Krissis: Agenda @Devcon

Kriss: ambassadors

Kriss: timing

Point 1.

Tension: dont thinks everybody knows what video should go where, maybe guidelines for it

Proposal: having a new role for this, Kay would like to do it

Clarifying question: would like to diversify the video/online presence

Reactions: Griff likes it, Kris: documentation is needed, likes to discuss it, S: is down with it, V: fine, not part of governance meeting, RJ: good,

New proposal: Kay takes the new role for documentation of videos, he will work closely with Kriss

Point 2.

Tension: have Agenda and Griff is excited about it but the tension is over planning it, we need to be able to bring topics up while we meet

Proposal:we build the Agenda at the beginning at the devcon meeting

Clarifying question: what is the idea of the agenda,do we all do the same stuff?(satya), answer: determined by Agenda


Kris: good idea to have an open not to strict agenda but he does not just want to have a "fly in and stuff" agenda, it has to be organized, we need to prepare an agenda

V: feels similar to Kris, up for cleaning up agenda, is down for krissis proposal

K: it's vital to have an agenda, it has to be room to move, wants to be part of planning

S: is in favour of Krissis proposal

RJ: an agenda is good but having

Jen: is down with Krissis proposal

Alan: down with Krissis proposal

X: nothing to say

New proposal/clarify: meeting with all (volunteering) finalize the agenda until it's finalized on the 29th 05:30 pre meeting to build the agenda

Point 3.

Tension: not spreading the giveth message enough

Proposal:l request:when giveth tweets, post, we all try to upvote and retweet, would like to work on an ambassador system to grow our audience

Clarifying question: non


K: not on FB, did not retweet

G: yes, retweet whatever is there,

S: is S's side project to publish content to everyone, solves all this problem! So get on

V: likes the proposal,

J: up for it, want to know more about the ambassador project

RJ:sounds good

Alan: sounds good

New proposal: amending: uniting it all-join #mentions and u see all that is posted, will chat with satya and jen in cancun. For now try to retweet everything by follow the mention channel, will follow up with Jen & Satya

Point 4. timing

Tension: 5 at a Friday is an annoying time, maybe not ideal for the people in the us

Proposal: move to 6 or 7

Clarifying question: non


G: is up for moving it

Alan:all for it, the later the better

S: happy about it, he cant join the meeting, love to move it to 8

V: move it to late, let's create a doodle for it

RJ: anytime works for him

Kay: all for it, the later the better


Jen: can't do later then an hour later

New proposal: Kriss will create a doodle to get all the times together

Proposal:time limit on when this is decided, yes: let's decide before tuesday afternoon

Check out:

G: sry he was destructed, got a lot done in 45 minutes

RJ & Satya, Kay, Alan,V, J,X, Krissis are happy about the meeting and looking forward to see the team soon

End of meeting at: 17:45. SEE YOU ALL IN CANCUN- yeha:)