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6th governance meeting 20th of October

Link to Stream

Note: names are shortened, attending: Kris, Jen, Griff, Satya, RJ, Z, Vojtech, OZ

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 5pm central european time

Check in:

Griff: connection issues, intention:quick meeting

Kriss: wants a quick meeting

Oz: no distractions

Quazia: distracted by being new to this, want's to learn from watching

Vojtech: no distractions

RJ: no distractions

Kay: no distractions

Satya: no distractions, excited to be here

Z: want's to see what's going on

Logistics: Griff has to leave at 6:10pm


  1. Not enough issues for volunteers
  2. Team is to distracted

Point 1.

Tension: not enough tasks for the volunteers

Proposal/ policy: please post tasks in the volunteer channel

Clarifying question:

Reactions: Kriss: maybe call it contributors instead of volunteers, satya: we should not create tasks but if we have some then post them, Z: stuff is on github, people should post task in the channel but i'm not sure if that has to be a policy, Oz: oz likes it, thinks it's a good idea, Kay: it is working nicely already but we should use it more, add: labels on github, help wanted Vojtech: we don't have an idea what has to be tackled and this spreads all around Giveth, agrees with Jen, Quazia: there was difficulties in finding issues, since i watch things to do i am on it, having things on github would be awesome, community contributions would be a good thing to have, if people have to find tasks then u have good people, Griff: put something in the volunteer channel but just as backup, volunteers for github issues would be good but devteam needs to be more organized, RJ: we need a game plan, what is open for volunteers, github needs to be more organized.

New proposal: same proposal/ get github more organized to give volunteers access

Point 2.

Tension: We are doing to much stuff into many different channels, we need to set priorities

Proposal: we need to write down every project that everyone is working on

Clarifying question: none?

Reaction:Oz: we are decentralized, Quazia: i see this issues to get used by someone like me(volunteers), having things on the side is good but i see how this can be a problem, en: is all in, Satya: see the issue as well, want to have a transparent system, we are doing a lot of side projects, thinks it's a great idea/first step to write it down, Kris: likes the idea, even in a decentralized environment one needs to have focus, we need to have an overview on what has to be done, Z: some of the side projects are part of the product so they are important but i agree with Vojtech, thinks should be more organized, RJ: side projects are relevant but it does not hurt to have a road map, Griff: i like to go with the flow, if people come around with certain skills i want to keep them, starting to build a content reservoir and brand awareness, is not happen how much time the website needs, edu and xavi are working on stuff that is very important for devcon, things have a direct connection to giveth, solid strategy that we build things that are audited by others(for free) which is good for giveth/at Devcon, edu's video project is super exciting and will bring us a shit ton of donations, we are modeling DAC and it might look like a distraction and we are doing it the hard way but we are building it and others can use it and understand it, Kay: is with Vojtech, wants to have an overview on the giveth universe and on what is going on

New proposal/clarify: the big goal is not to build a product for one charity but for the big community, we need a roadmap, we should decide this things together, video should be a part of the mvp, proposal: v will write down all projects and we review them at devcon

Check out:

Everyone agreed that it was a good meeting where tensions are discussed in a successful,positive way with actual solutions. We are getting better in the holacracy structure

End of meeting: 5:55 pm