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5th Giveth DAC governance meeting on 2017-10-13

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Note: names are shortened

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 5:05 pm central european time

Check in: Any distractions?

Satya: preps dinner, intention:have a good meeting

Griff: not distracted, intention: intro Xavi

Kay: not distracted, tension free

Kriss: no distractions, intention: what's goin on

Jen: taking notes, 2 proposals end quickly

Grace: distractions: out of her writing zone, intention: changes in reward dao

Z: tired, intention:what's up

Satya: 2 kids and cooking, have a good meeting

Vojtech: writing a glossary

Logistics: you have to pick someone after you talked, don't be to wordy!


  1. Video to do lists - Jen
  2. Vojtech full time giveth
  3. Xavi LP UI
  4. Req greward change
  5. Mvp testing delivery

Point 1.

Tension: no overview on what other team members are working on

Would like to have reg reward vids


everyone stays longer to do a weekly video

Clarifying question:

What sort of vid?

To know what everyone is doing

Further describe the tension

How is it different than the daily vids

Its both the 3 things you did last week and the 3 things you did last week

Reactions: Grace: don't like be public, Kay: audio would be ok, Krrissis: likes the idea, Vojtech: thinks it's necessary let's give it a try, Griff: love's the idea, Satya: likes the idea, where do we store the videos? Z: surprised that this is not taking care of, Oz: down to try it

New proposal?

No face required

Proposal pased

Point 2. Vojtech full time

Tension: I have to do this in a gov meeting

Proposal: i am in full time:)

Clarifying question: can giveth not pay you? Can we put the money in some kind of an account

Reactions:OZ: from a policy standpoint we want to go away from the word "full time", Kay: nice to have you; Griff: exited, Kriss: welcome to the team, Jen: welcome to the team, Grace: happy Vojtech is there

New proposal?

Point 3. Xavi LP UI

Tension: Jordi & Griff are working on UI, it's a liquid pledging project

Proposal: we make a project for Xavi, project based and people will interact with it

Clarifying question: V:how does it fit into Giveth? -it helps us test liquid pledging, Oz is also working on the testing? Yes, there is a private channel, will Xavi be paid? Yes but Griff has no clear numbers on that yet but he will ask the team outside of the governance meeting

Reactions: Oz: exited about it but we need something for devcon and xavi will be able to do something for it, Grace:welcome to the team @xavi we are getting people onboard before planning it… V: we put people on the team before they are introduced to the team, Z:welcome Xavi, Kay: welcomes Xavi, Jen: welcome Xavi

Griff clarifies: Jordi was begging for a dev for liquid pledging and there he is:)

Proposal: build the UI for liquid pledging, everything else will be discussed outside the meeting

Point 4. Req reward change

Tension: Grace: regular dao instead of regular rewards, want to work on compensation

Proposal: remove herself from the regular reward

Clarifying question: non

Reactions: Griff: good idea, transition from regular rewards to regular dao, Krissis: no comments on this, Vojtech: changing regular rewards is a good idea, Oz: regular rewards are not sustainable for giveth, Kay: we always wanted to do something else than the reward DAO, Jen:likes the idea but is not sure if everyone has to start next week, has to rely on a little bit of money,

New proposal: happy to hear the reactions, happy to know that people like the idea, work should compensated

No objections, proposal passed

Check out:

Point 5. Testing transparency

Tension: he does not know what's going on with testing the dapp,

Proposal: make the testing data outcome public

Clarifying question: non

Reactions: Grace: likes the idea to make the mvp testing public, Krissis: yeah, make things public, Oz: is public, Jen:yes, make it public, V: yes make it public, Griff: let's be transparent, Kay: more information please

Clarify proposal: sharing the link to of the testing data to a channel and making V the lead of distributing the tasks that have to be done

Objection: Oz: V should rather do dev/code stuff, Kriss: what is the proposal again? Testing should happen in phases, V:does not want to "overrule" Oz, so he will not take the role

Check out:

Z: long meeting, everyone is doing a great job

Point 5. Mvp deliverables

Tension: what is expected from the mvp,

Proposal: have in the next week a reality check to check if the current mvp is presentable,@Oz clarify what is the final status what we are doing for devcon, can we please decide if we want to present it or not

Oz: buggs have to be fixed before devcon

Clarifying question: no one will go on stage to present the mvp

Reaction: Kay: i am not far enough in dev to make a decision about that, Oz: we had a current dapp and the new dapp we did the current dapp to make things happen, Jen: no dev perspective but had worse user experiences, also we have success stories for the old dapp, Kriss: prep communication meeting and what are we comfy showing and what not, Griff: getting ready for devcon and we have to make a choice

Clarify: V organizes a meeting next week on where we review if we want to present it or not

Objections: none

Proposal passed

Check out:

Griff: good meeting

V: very long meeting, identified a few things

K: good meeting

Oz:great meeting but we can have a dev meeting all the time

Kay: good progress in the meeting

Jen: good meeting but toooo looong, let's keep