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Giveth Governance Meeting #49

November 22nd, 2018

Youtube Livestream


Loie, Griff, Bowen, Michael, Kay, Don, Dani, Jeff dropped-in: left-early: None


XXX - intentions, expectations, distractions


Toggled-Off: XXX


  • Circles : What are they good for?
  • Circles : Do we need circle leads?



We have been living within this concept of circles for a long time. We use them as departments and an easy way to understand Giveth. (buckets for focus) When we started this ideas, we had leads. Circle leads are more an artifact of the past, and so we can get rid of them. Circle leads can be replaced by the roles sheet. No more circle leads, but rather campaign managers that decentralize themselves. The idea of circle leads will banished from the land!

The idea of circles are big buckets to know what is happening within Giveth - no need for circle leads. Can be circles can have goals, but campaigns are more financial related.

Lumio is not binding. Used to see if there was a problem or not.


No tension, rather general agreement


Get rid of the idea of circle leads and lean on the roles sheet for what the circle leads used to provide. In addition we keep the circles as before.

Clarifying Questions



Adam: Circles has been a problem, but we are all about experimenting so all about trying leaderless circles.

Kay: Thinking of the Circle governing something - a bit a daoification - ie decntralizing the governance of the circle. Let each circle govern themselves. Roles sheet should be merged together. Happy to go ahead with this. Let every circle make these decisions.

Bowen: All for it. Its seems to handy in communication with other people rather than it is important in it of itself. Lets give it a shot. Could be cumbersome potentially to not have point persons.

Griff: Really pointing to the roles sheet for our person. Now we can parse out what a role lead could be now that we are looking towards the role sheet.

Michael: Agree to go forward with removing circle leads.

Loie: [ need to insert Loie's reactions - was distracted at that moment] From chat Loie also wrote: "any alternative-hierarchy organizations create some sort of internal facing company social platform, i believe they call it an "Intranet" in Buurtzorg, and I gotta say, i'm dreaming someday the stuff that goes down on the roles sheet will have some sort of user interface like that. Imagine like github if someone just went there and saw that little graph that maps out peoples contributions thru out the year and it makes it so easy to see who is the most active... like what if that was available for all the circles, so that someone who takes a lot of initiative and keeps tabs on all the goings on in the cirlce (essentially a leader) would be easily visible just by looking at how opaque their little calendar graph is! it would be totally liquid based on how much you are showing up for your circle! ahh this is assuming that everyones actions are all logged into the system... anyways super long thoughts but i didn't want to forget them before i got a chance to say aloud!""

Amend and Clarify






We will remove the circle leads and lean on the roles sheet for what the circle leads used to provide.


XXX: Checkout

End of meeting