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Giveth Governance Meeting #48

November 15th, 2018

Youtube Livestream


Jeff, Kay, Bowen, Michael, Lorelei, Griff, DonAdams, Dani

Toggled off: Scottrepeneur

dropped-in: XXX left-early: XXX


Lorelei - Unicorn DAC article and slowly onboarding, conflict facilitation, no distractions intending to finalize Jeff and Michael's acceptance!
Dani - experimented with CRM software
Michael - loottts of meetings with all his close working partners, got roles in the sheet, no distraction
Jeff - rough rough product specifications draft, research IXO, feeling focused
DonAdams - started on an announcement for DApp's work with RSK, interested to see how gov meeting differs from roles meeting
Bowen - distracted by ppl in the room
Griff - iden3 stuff, Aragon DAC work, great interview for a leader candidate!
Kay - talked to colony, researched CRM, played with making an Aragon DAO for unicorn DAC from start to finish, brought AddrETH to mainnet! Helped deliver a baby ;) and facilitated blockternship bounty payout, distracted by aforementioned baby and making chicken soup. Intending to get to know Michael better!
Scottrepeneur - around Maker community, big fan of Aragon, made an aragon dao this week. Been watching Giveth a while and thought this was a good time to slip into a meeting. Looking to get more involved, coding skills.


Toggled-Off: XXX


  • Point1: Jeff to take a part-time Governance Research Role (so far unanimous support):

  • Point2: Michael to take a full time Stewardship of the Giveth DApp role (has become controvercial):


Last week the proposals to add Jeff and Michael to gov campaign reg rewards were passed on one amended condition: that they would put their roles in the roles sheet before we officially bring them in, and they entered all their roles with supervision from Loie and Griff so this week there was no objections and they were officially welcomed in.


Refer to Loomios



Clarifying Questions



XXX - Reaction

Amend and Clarify





Proposals approved on basis of resolving the only blocking technicality, and then a big long fireside chat. BCH what the fork!


XXX: Checkout

End of meeting