Governance Meeting 47

Giveth Governance Meeting #47

(8 NOV 2018)

Livestream here

Attendance: Griff
James Madeoftin


1) Have Jeff create and fill a TCR Research role for the Gov Campaign see:

Primitives engineer: looking forward to playing with them to value causes and wishes to rigorously test the hypothesis. He intends to do this with the help of Blockscience connections (Michael = early token engineering pioneer)

Skills (working to formalise role):
TCR research
Product mgmt
Distributed teams

Griff sees Jeff as a product owner.



2) Giveth Galaxy vs. Giveth Dapp ( domain debate) see:

Proposal was withdrawn. Dapp team has decided to whitelabel the dapp and not use the Giveth name.

RSK/Dapp team are going to white label do their own branding but hope to stick together. Everyone can do their own thing but a Loomio heads up is a courtesy.

There was a raised concern of precident about project evolutionary cycles. Can it be done better next time?

Will still be used? Yes as the first white label, Dapp team will still maintain but need to be funded to do so.

Tensions are good, they just need to be resolved with integrity!

Questions: Michael - DonAdams - Lorelei -


3) Michael to take a full time Stewardship of the Giveth DApp role see:

Griff is spread too thin, proposing that Michael take stewardship of the app.

Michael: Looking forward to tying together the Aragon relationship between the Dapp and DAO and sees synergy in running experiments with charities. Even failed experiments contribute to the greater cause (getting giving right) Plotted 4 or so roadmaps between DAO + DAPP. Interested in where the DAC goes re MGMT and happy to help with time line coordination, helping fundraise writing proposals. He’s worked remote for 10 years in a similar distributed structure and in interested in the struggle between decentralisation and structure! He’d also like to help find giveth a “core grant”

His blocks on loomio were a result of processes; further discussion on becoming a unicorn first then attending a roles meeting/filling the sheet to avoid misalignment. Much agreement in general, though Jeff suggests to leave flexibility as well (paradigm: definitions are often restrictive).




Griff: Interesting gov meeting
Vojtech: Interesting meeting, worked through some tensions
Kay: Not too long for this many people
Bowen: good meeting, notes soon
Dani: Emotions need to be acknowledged, thanks to everyone for participating
Lorelei: Thanks to everyone, effective and respectful
Michael: Great first gov meeting, Great job managing tension
James: Feeling really good about this
Kris: Thanks for the nice meeting, Good we had a vocal way to express the loomio & introduce michael and jeff
Jeff: Openness of this group is admirable, happy to get to work
Yalor: positive on Michael, happy to see everyone
Josh: Glad to see everyone coming together

Inline notes from the jitsi call:
Griff18:08:50 can anyone take notes?
Griff18:09:10 Loie is pretty sick and needs a sub!
bowen18:16:16 Can someone invite donadms to the loomios? He has no access to see them
Dani18:26:46 hi all, had some microphone difficulty - sorry I couldn't check in, present and hearing you
Kris18:27:24 that was the Q
lorelei18:31:22 decision^
lorelei18:31:55 discussion thread^
Josh18:32:17 What is RSK please?
bowen18:32:27 [D
bowen18:32:48 (did we skip the Micheal Stewardship proposal?)

lorelei18:33:03 yeah good q!!
Josh18:33:07 Thanks, appreciated
Michael18:33:08 What does that mean to have the proposal withdrawn? does that mean the discussions is postponed?
Kris18:33:23 I guess Griff wants to keep that for last?
Michael18:44:38 really great points.
Griff18:46:18 RSK offered them 45k
Josh18:46:37 James: I believe the definition of tension to be confusing. The definition I understand is a tension is the difference between where we are to where we want to be. This was confusing for people in pervious team
James Madeof_Tin18:47:41 makes more sense, thanks for clarifying griff
James Madeof_Tin18:48:56 Yeah, my newness is showing there.
James Madeof_Tin18:49:03 Josh
Griff18:49:24 Kay loved that one bowen
Josh18:50:37 Wonderful point
Kris19:03:15 hurray for fundraising!
James Madeof_Tin19:04:24 sounds like a great add to me
Don Adams19:05:12 Gotta run love you all!
Kris19:06:56 +1
Michael19:13:09 thank you
Michael19:15:59 Completely agree with you Jeff on roles and their evolution.
James Madeof_Tin19:20:44