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Giveth Governance Meeting #45

October 4th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Griff, Lorelei, Lindsay, Anton, Lanski, Dani, Kay, Jessica, Bowen

dropped-in: XXX left-early: XXX


XXX - intentions, expectations, distractions Griff Lorelei Linds Kay - interested to hear about the Unicorn DAC Bowen - excited for the meeting, just woke up Lanski - distracted with presentation for tomorrow, governance experiments are exciting so will stay tuned in Made of Tin - no distractions, intends to learn more and help out Anton - first gov meeting, poor connection Jessica - first gov meeting, new to the app, intention is to listen and see where to pitch in for community development


Toggled-Off: XXX Kay - Stream looks good, going live! Griff - Unicorn is the main item, we'll talk about more agenda items at the end


  • Point1: Unicorn DAC - Lorelei - Governance Experiment to distribute power across the organization and decentralize giving.
  • Point2: New Reviewer proposal - Parker Dani and Lorelei to begin approving milestones
  • Small Update: Bangalor report back from Lanski
  • Small Update: Onboarding update - opportunity to present Social Impact campaign

Point1 Unicorn DAC

See loomio -


Within Giveth there is a need to build some way of self-regulation for individuals on personal pay for participation.


Create Unicorn DAC on Giveth DApp. Allot 600 euros per unicorn, each unicorn can claim up to 150 for themselves, remainder can be distributed to other milestones. This is a means of signaling and prioritization. Additional intention is to test DApp functionality with donating and the milestone workflow. Without an official onboarding, gatekeeping or orientation, the DAC will serve that purpose as well and motivates the creation of that onboarding process. This does not replace regular rewards distributed by circles.

Clarifying Questions

Question from Lindsay - Right now, milestones become visually available upon proposal. People have to click around to find and donate to what they want.. how do we find them, and who will be doing this? Answer by Griff - this happens every week, only for Givethers who do the onboarding process. You will have to receive to a milestone before giving out. Lorelei will be the delegate, and there will be a spreadsheet to submit which milestone you want to fund with how much. Either we will modify the DApp to accommodate the functionality or we will move the responsibility from Lorelei to Aragon DAC. Question from Lindsay - Conversion of 600 will be at time of sending the Eth? Answer from Griff - It will be standardized (in Loomio) - idea is to move to DAI Q from Lanski - How long will this go without regular fundraising? A from Griff - It will be seeded with at least 3 months of funding. Direct Donations can be sent to this in the future. Eth address will point to this Unicorn DAC in the future. Q from James - How will someone know if they are at the stage to be a Unicorn? A from Lorelei - The onboarding process guides that. First step is to identify 2 advocate Givethers, see process linked in notes. A from Griff - Have a Role and do the associated activities. Q from James - Is there a number in mind? A from Griff - This will be a self-regulating process with voting. Q from Lanski - Who goes through the process? A from Lorelei - everyone goes through, starting as soon as the vote is completed. Q from Kay - How many people are in the DAC, how much work is being done in Giveth, activity will be increasing with the season - can we create an algorhythm and budget to track and manage this? A from Lorelei - participation is not mandatory weekly, only give when you see something you want to fund that week. Each unicorn account has a weekly 600 max and doesn't roll over - it only tops up. Q from Bowen - since there aren't any unicorns, who are our first sponsors? A from Griff - we need to name the pilot team who can check off ALL other prerequisites, the sponsor role will need to kick in once we have 8 or so.


Griff - really stoked even though it starts on a spreadsheet. It is decentralized governance, well thought through, addresses problems in a specific way. Looking for the wisdom of the crowd and energetic boost the program will bring. Bowen - Excited to see it go forward, only worried about where the funding would continue to come from. Kay - (---) Lanski - Help organically move the actions we take according to whether we have support or not in monetary terms Lindsay - It's 'safe enough to try' and excited to see other people proposing milestones and participating in the whole workflow. Great job Lorelei it looks great. Dani - Process for start up, to establish the original unicorns that can then sponsor others. Made of Tin - Rules or thinking out about someone who doesn't have a role right now AND is part of a Giveth project, what are guidelines for funding our own milestones. Also work on people taking their salary and not having participation drop off due to 'tragedy of the commons' Anton - How to see the milestones and connect with unicorns for sponsorship.

Amend and Clarify

Lorelei - Look at the onboarding process, verify qualification of a person you would like to sponsor you and begin organically like this, by identifying people you think are Unicorns.


No Objections - Approved


Lorelei will send something out

Point 2 - Whitelist reviewers loomio


Lindsay - we have 3 active participants in the galaxy, proposal to add . No clarifying questions


add Parker, Dani and Lorelei

Clarifying Questions

Lorelei Need to welcome people into the Reviewer list with a tutorial, Lindsay will help with this. Kay - There is a milestone tutorial already Lorelei - it isn't geared toward approval


Lorelei - yeah! Kay -
Dani - I'm in to it Griff - When someone needs a reviewer James - maybe we need a 1/2 life for reviewers Lanski - I'll be a reviewer :-D

Amend and Clarify

Lorelei and Linds are goign to work on it this week :-D


Waiting for next run :-D

Banglor update - Lanski

T-shirts Update - Kay 250 shirts ordered - saving them for DevCon 1/4 ordered in female sizes Bamboo ooo soft

Proposal conference in october - Dani Lanski will be attending One Youth Conference - largest in the world, social impact space Spark News, based in France pushing for news around Social Impact for inspiring through their journalism with success stories. Spain, France, India representation. Story needed to say "you can donate to charity transparently now, it's live, and here's an example" If funding is accessible for GraceAid, we can share the story. Jessica offered to reach out to a group on FB to get a post up to Crypto donor group.


Unicorn DAC has passed! Amendment on what Unicorns are able to be advocates.


Griff - Yay DAC passed, Lorelei - Thanks for the support, please go carefully on the onboarding for a success story on timelien Bowen Kay - Lots of cool news coming out in this meeting, no haste but great to see powering forward Linds - Let's get started, happy to see new things happening, yay to meeting up in new Dani - Excited for life, James - happy and grateful for the openness of this community Anton - interesting, the governance experiment sounds great and I will be back for more of this! Jessica - thank you to lindsay for the invitation, loves seeing the governance actually working, sees how her back Lanski -

End of meeting