Governance Meeting 44

Gov meeting 27th of September '18


Attending: Kris, Griff, Dani (these 3 left early), Alex, Lorelei, Lanski, Kay

Check in

  • Not writing down check-in & check-out (more time to focus on others for the note taker ;-) )


  1. Unicorn onboarding process

  2. Lorelei has made this proposal - it is a process. Starts by going through the various stages of the proposal as outlined in the link here

  3. Reactions:
    • Griff: perfect as it is
    • Kris: where is the off-boarding process? and we need to have a lot more documentation - would use this as a grant proposal - first get the money!
    • Dani: Thinks it's great - big fan of this
    • Bowen: Thinks it's very clear, well though out, no criticism.
    • Kay: Safe enough to try. Towards the end it gets a bit complicated, so we should try it.
    • Emex: No plan for the goals/roles in this, how does this fit in?
    • Lanski: Good, necessary. 'Freedom doesn't exist without a set of rules' (Chomsky) 'Meta' question: what does it mean to be a unicorn? Make this clearer why you need to go through this process.

Amend & clarify (Lorelei): - Offboarding: Didn't want to write this on my own. Think we can co-create a clear process for this. Would start with a meeting to get the ideas we have.

Goals not having a clear timeline would have its own meeting. (Roles meeting)

Proposal passed

Fireside chat:

Giveth Toshi bot. Proposal (emex?): Look into getting direct donation to milestones. Is Toshi like No it is similar but as of last looking at the features, it is more limited.

Question: What is the Unicorn DAC? Loie: Unicorn DAC is a DAC that would hold funds on its own. get 600EUR a week. can claim up to 150EUR per week, and the rest is donated to milestones in the Giveth Galaxy. This would give the voting process to the giveth unicorns so that the unicorns can decide as a whole what is good for Giveth/other Unicorns.

Fireside chat about the Unicorn DAC: - Can a Unicorn make a bounty for some work that they want to see happen and then fund that with their Unicorn delegation money? - Is this complementary or a replacement for reward dao? - Do we apply a gradient to the onboarding? Maybe we need an onboarding process for not just the Unicorn DAC, for information for certain tasks and small roles, etc.

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