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4th Giveth DAC governance meeting on 2017-10-06

Link to Stream

Note: names are shortened

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 5pm central european time

Check in: Any distractions?


  1. Griff wants to decentralize notes


  1. Visibility / content to share
  2. DAC name
  3. Planning devcon
  4. Outside gov meetings - V

Point 1. Outside gov meetings (vojtech)

Tension: we have things that we could catch up on

Proposal: every day stand up meetings

Clarifying question: none


RJ 3 days a week make more sense

Kay once a week


Point 2. (kris)

Tension: not enough visibility on who is doing what

Proposal: 1. make a giveth team twitter list, 2. and a governance meet add on

Clarifying question:


Oz likes it all just fine

Kay: streaming is not feasible for later editing, better make seperate videos, concerned about privacy a bit when it comes to twitter, offers help with technical video stuff

V: yeah!

G: Good ideas, Proof of video, should be created to document work and is a requirement to get paid

New proposal? 1. Build 'Giveth Contributors' Twitter List 2. Recording videos

Let's not record entire one, just stream the end


Kay: we should stream entire governance meeting - important for transparency

Griff: Who should do the editing?

Tabled mandatory contributor video updates proposal moved until Jen gives input

Twitterlist PASSED

Video reactions - to be discussed with Jen

Point 3. (kris)


Do we call our community Giveth DAC or Unicorn DAC?


We call ourselves the Giveth DAC

Clarifying question:


  • Ok for everyone
  • Vojtech wants to avoid confusion over branding (unicorn logo)

New proposal?

We can decide at a later date what we do with the unicorn visual but we go with Giveth DAC, pronunciation undecided


Point 4. (kris)

Tension: No clear Agenda

Proposal: Make Agenda together with Grace and Jen

Clarifying question:


Griff: Wants to help set-up the Agenda

Oz: 1. Devs will be done with everything well before devcon!

Anyone who has an idea for the MLP should present it to the community - with materials prepared

New proposal?

Kris will make a one day agenda for Cancun w/ Jen & Grace and share in priv team


Check out:

Connectivity issues suck

We all talk too much :-D