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Giveth Governance Meeting #39

July 12th, 2018

Youtube Livestream


Yalor, Kris, Griff, Lorelei, Edu, Kay, Lindsay

dropped-in: Vojtech left-early: Lindsay, Yalor, Edu


kay - listen and learn
kris - not distracted
edu - only has til 6:30
lorelei - getting feedback on silent loomios
lindsay - about to be on a train


Toggled-Off: Lindsay


  • Point1: Creating Campaigns at will if you are on the whitelist
  • Point2: Initial Proposal for Unicorn DAC
  • Point3: Voting for the last 2 spots on the Overflow Multisig


Creating Campaigns at will if you are on the whitelist


we used to do gov mtgs about each campaign popping up, but now that's not happening. we're about to have Aragon DAC. We have 3 diff whitelists, limiting who can create what


anyone who is added to the whitelist is free to create any DACs or campaigns they want (without gov mtg convo) as long as it is not onboarding an external org

Clarifying Questions

creating a campaign means you own it and manage it, right? yes
and this is for giveth projects right, anything in giveth DAC? no, doesn't necessarily have to be within giveth DAC. example: if yalor wants to create a campaign for his mom's surgery, he could do that on giveth dapp
who decides who's on the whitelist?
still keeping whitelists separated out by who's allowed to create DACs, who's allowed to create campaigns? yes, if you are on campaign whitelist you cant create DAC


Kay - been waiting for this a long time
Yalor - favorable. we're in the beginning of letting the ecosystem build itself, so this is good as long as it doesn't put a much heavier burden on us for support
Kris - it makes sense, maybe prevent too many being created by having people briefly present them in front of gov mtg and get feedback
Lorelei - i like this idea I would be excited to see if this can actually happen. I see the active need for it witht he aragon dac, but i support it. I dont think it needs to be presented into the governance meeting... its sort of the point of the proposal. it will take time

Amend and Clarify

It makes sense to have some kind of alert that a new campaign was created, maybe not so much asking permission, but making people aware (perhaps employ a bot to notify in riot). Create a riot room each time someone makes a new campaign? I'll make a bounty on notifications system. Folks need to make a loomio proposal in order to get added to the whitelist.


Will summarize agreement in this mtg, and tell people last chance 1 day to vote against this on loomio, otherwise proposal is passed.


Initial Proposal for Unicorn DAC




Lots of detials that are yet to be solidified

7 Tensions are listed in the loomios 1. Giveth central roles = Unicorns 2. New DApp, a way to test 3. Campaign managers have too much power 4. Unicorns need more money 5. no on boarding incentives 6. rolls into the roles proposal coming up 7. decentralizing power and giving power to the people running the show so they can donate


Unicorn DAC onboards Unicorns and makes sure they have €600 in their account every Monday, to be delegated to themselves and other Giveth milestones, thus giving them influence on the trajectory of Giveth, while testing new features of the DApp.

€150 can be to themselves, €450 can go to other people.

Meeting once a month to steer this DAC

There is still some issues... the dapp can't support all the details of this... but it will soon, when we finalize this proposal.

We would have a new governance method!

Clarifying Questions

Kay - does this replace UBI?

Sort of... it basically doesnt work without the roles meeting and self deciding salary.


XXX - Reaction

Kay - a mixed bag of ideas: I dont like some of the feature creep, but i do like a concrete suggestion. I am all for it. its about formalizing the spec... its a little confusing with the Giveth DAC and the Unicorn DAC.

I like some of the little things... how everything must be on one page... Uber airbnb... every participant has a different UI... in a year or so we will have different front ends..

Not everything has to be in the DApp.

Vojtech - this is not really ready for proposal but its an interesting idea. what is proposed makes sense and thats all i have to say.

Kris - thx for getting it going, the roles document is linked we will need a cross circle task force, i'm happy to help working on this... it should be a team effort and we should move it forward.

this is clearly a governance project, she should get a role in governance for this. I am down to help, this needs to be refined more

griff - i helped author this a lot, we have to remember what this is actually about: not everyone has power to influence what giveth is/does because not everybody has money to delegate. this solves that. real q's need to be answered: what are the limitations around spending that €450? should we have a discussion on how to restrict that 450? implementation and feature creep is obv a big question. vojtech said there actually is an easy way: giving everyone delegate status

Yalor - I just wanted to say I LOVE the Unicorn DAC, You have my full support to start this experiment. The sooner we are able to allow the community to determine the work that needs to be done, the better!

Amend and Clarify

There will be a lot more detail work going into this before it gets voted on and the core of this is solid and we will impliment an onboarding process to get voted in.

Is that value appreciated?

The proposal is to have an on boarding process after which you have ... nm lets table it.




Voting for the last 2 spots on the Overflow Multisig




Allow one more day on Loomio and then the two people in the lead win.

Clarifying Questions



Vojtech - wait for the loomio
Kay - agree, loomio. nbd
Kris - agree
lorelei - agree

Amend and Clarify

Vote will be solidified when this loomio ends, in 24 hours from now.






Griff - last proposal so quick yay!
Lorelei - tough proposal, looking fwd to feedback
Kris - nice meeting, annoyed that i dont have my laptop!
Vojtech - great second half of a meeting ;P propose to only take in proposals to gov mtg, not amorphous threads
Kay - will be back in full strength midway thru next week. fireside for a couple minutes after?

End of meeting