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Giveth Governance Meeting #38

July 5th, 2018

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Griff, Linds, Loie, Kris, Vojtech, Quazia

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  • Point1: Alternative proposal to UBI - revisiting RewardDAO



For some people we currently depend a bit too much on the RewardDAO. The idea of the RewardDAO is to invite people into our organization, it should not be a bounty system or a replacement for a salary. It's just a rather small token of our appreciation and invite to do more. Rewarding regular contributors via an incentive-based payment system is actually not 'Teal' at all (see above) and has a counterproductive effect according to the 'Reinventing Organizations' book. It would also (most probably?) exclude the DApp team itself, which would be a pity, as they are building it, as they'd have to agree to a base salary of 450€/week as well. The DApp Campaign could give weekly bonuses to compensate, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the exercise. We want to onboard people and experiment with the DApp ASAP to make it fit our audience and bringing in complete outsiders or orgs at this point might be a bit too early.


Tabled for now

Kris: Discuss UBI further

Clarifying Questions



Loie - Having the ability and responsibility to delegate funds to others using the Dapp. Needs to be developed more. Excited to solidify idea more.

Griff - Miscommunication from UBI proposal. Use feedback and advice process to develop idea, going in the right direction. UBI is the "steering committee" to signify regular committed contributors from passive ones. New features may need to be added. What are the criteria and numbers to back this up? More decentralized. Role based instead of regular rewards. Use Dapp to create roles.

Vojtech - UBI is great concept, not sure if it fits with Giveth but want to try and experiment. Dont limit proposal to current Dapp

Quazia - Holacracy may not be best for us. Is this applicable for me? Set deadline for 2 weeks out to decide what to try. Roles more complicated than UBI. Circles will define their own roles so not a collaborative decision

Amend and Clarify



Griff - Loomio proposal for next week GOV Meeting Kris - Will Tabled


Aragon DAC is a go and in full force.




XXX: Checkout

End of meeting