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Giveth Governance Meeting #37

June 28th, 2018

Youtube Livestream


Salt, Griff, Lorelei, Yalor, Alex, Bowen, Adam, Satya

dropped-in: RJ, Q left-early: XXX


Griff - quick mtg no distractions
Alex - no distractions, newcomers
Yalor - distracted by bbqing, would like to expand on roles mtg discussion
Bowen - intention first fireside chat, not really distracted
Satya - quick mtg, bit distracted by hunger
Lorelei - no distractions, excited about roles
Salt - helping someone move, distracted and intend for short mtg
Adam - intend to talk about roles, distracted for sure


Toggled-Off: Salt


  • Point1: Should we have a "Roles Meeting" once a month as part of one of the GOV meetings? - Linds/Sasha
  • Point2: DApp beta launch


Roles Meeting


No one knows what anyone else is doing. Sometimes ppl are working on the same things at the same time without knowing, or there are gaps.


Roles meeting to discuss what roles you are filling, what you see needing to be filled, what you want to do so people can trade etc.

Clarifying Questions

if a job is unpopular would there be an incentive mechanism?


Satya - great idea, we are implementing holacracy but we stopped doing that well, we never made roles which are very important within holacracy. i think we should start on a migration to a full holacracy implementation. proposal 4th of july meeting
Lorelei - excited about this proposal, curious about what this looks like as an on going meeting...
Adam - like this idea, shit if there are marketplaces for roles, that would be cool.
Bowen - interested to learn more about the holacracy stuff
Griff - we've done this before, we have a roles sheet, the intention behind the gov meeting is to assign roles, i do think it's a good idea, dont have bandwidth to push it myself, some people used it as a power grab, important note about roles: it doesn't mean you necessarily have to do the task, but you are responsible for making sure the task gets done (delegate!), i think this is something better to explore in august/september because we will have a better understanding of roles we fall into with the new DApp
Alex - like the idea. nice to know what people are working on and not double up.
RJ - nothing to say, just showed up

Amend and Clarify

Things will change with DApp, this will be a monthly meeting, first meeting scheduled for August 1st.


Satya - we need to look at whole holacracy process, we will fail if we only look at roles, we could do it, it would better face to face than on a conference call. Counter proposal: look at holacracy in total not just roles. (Safe enough to try)



Fireside Chat

Big picture holacracy convo to come in Switzerland, new DApp will lend itself really well to holacracy model.
UBI - to become a unicorn you have to go thru certain orientation steps, then you must be accepted, then you get whitelisted to the DApp you can make campaigns etc you have your own campaign that gets loaded with 900 Euro and 450 of that goes to weekly salary the other 450 you delegate to others! We have a monthly unicorn party on jitsi where we discuss what we donated to that month etc. We could practice it on the release version of the DApp. This would be a whole Unicorn DAC of it's own.
Need 2 people to join escape hatch multisig
Aragon DAC - wanting feedback before starting major venture next week

Unicorn Basic Income DAC

Lorelei enslave robots for UBI:


Easy meeting, general support for roles mtg and all further holacracy conversation.


Griff - thanks easy mtg!
Yalor - great mtg smooth and easy, won't be in switzerland, budapest with dapplion
Satya - smooth mtg, excited for holacracy convo
Alex - good to see you all, hope salt and Q can get involved
Salt - good to meet y'all, interesting project, insightful to see new groups tryingout holacracy, i'm part of a group that's been trying it out for a year, perhaps can bring some of that insight
Q - my first mtg, good to hear thoughts
RJ - didn't catch much
Adam - interesting content, hopefully be at next week's mtg, after that is africa
Lorelei - Excited to talk about holacracy
Bowen - excited to be integral part of making DApp work as security guard, excellent meeting

End of meeting