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Giveth Governance Meeting #36

June 21st, 2018

Youtube Livestream


Griff, Lindsay, Lorelei, Adam, RJ, Oz, Vojtech,

dropped-in: Kay, Lanski left-early: Lorelei


Vojtech - distracted packing, maybe leave early Lindsay - no distractions, support team Adam - no distractions RJ - slightly distracted, curious to see if theres any proposals to discuss


Toggled-Off: XXX


  • Point1: Not wanting to discuss this week

  • Point2: Reinventing 'Is it safe enough to try' - Satya Not wanting to discuss this week

  • Point3: 30 ETH loan to gov circle - Yalor withdrew his lead on this
  • Point4: Aragon meetup and Zug/Vayyonez in general
  • Point5: New UBI format

Point4: Aragon/Zug

Gov circle not covering expenses, Vitalik speaking on the 6th and 7th, need to get tickets

Point5: Unicorn Basic Income proposal

New unicorns get a very basic income (€450) per week and they receive €450 per week solely to donate to other peoples' milestones. What should someone have to do to qualify to become a unicorn. No cap on how much someone can receive in donations.

Yalor: Need a current unicorn vote to unboard a new person. Recommendation/sponsor How will we stop collusion? Why wouldn't two people just dish each other funds

Kay: Have a template on how to onboard with steps

Oz: 3 step requirements to be a unicorn. Disincentive for people that dont donate the money ther were given for other milestones. Send it somewhere people might not want to fund Adding feature to easily view who is sending to who (V said its on the roadmap)

Griff: Bring back the Daily Giveth Jitsi room, twice a month It is a transparent network so collusion wold be each to see The giveaway amount should be for Giveth people and projects

Adam: Larger collusion networks?

Adria to fork Giveth to bring to mainnet

If he can't use the Dapp by July 1st Giveth probably needs an initial donor that is willing to risk his ETH. Adria stepped up to fund a friends NGO and will risk money to test Giveth on mainnet.
Adria is suited for this, he knows the Dapp. We should onboard causes that have people begging to donate to them


A very casual gov meeting with nothing to formally vote on.


XXX: Checkout

End of meeting