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Giveth Governance Meeting #33

May 31st, 2018

Youtube Livestream - (This is only half of the mtg, livestream was faulty.)


Kay, Griff, Kris, Lorelei (taking notes), Kate, Vojtech, Taylor, Yalor, Lindsay, DappLion,

dropped-in: XXX left-early: XXX


XXX - intentions, expectations, distractions Griff - distracted by being on an airplane, intention good quick meeting Kris - no distractions, Lindsay - connectivity issues Vojtech - not distracted, ready Yalor - distracted by castle Kate - distracted, switching to mobile DappLion - quick meeting! Taylor -


Toggled-Off: Lorelei Vojtech is back up facilitator


  • Eliminating Public Shaming - Yalor

  • Donations rulebook, what do we take and what dont we take? - Vojtech



Shaming is very un giveth like


Substitute public shaming with milestone template and various other methods

Clarifying Questions



Griff - shaming is really hard, but we tried all the other proposed subsitute options, and they don't work. Public opinion is what people have at stake, to get them to do things that are kind of annoying, like milestones. A lot of this will be easier once the dapp is running, but for now, the last resort is the public shaming, and the cool thing about calling it public shaming is that it names it clearly as kind of a joke, not real, mean shame. I'm down to find another way, but until then, shaming DOES work and let's keep using it until something else works. don't eliminate shaming and then just have bad milestones

Taylor - i don't know that there's anything wrong with calling people out for this. However idk really cuz i haven't seen it happening.

Kris - completely agree with griff, don't see a better way. good to make a template, but that hasn't happened yet. Lorelei is doing a good job, shaming is always in a playful way. If you make a bad milestone accept it. Vote to keep shaming. We should have people paid to review... specializing in it

Kate - haven't seen anything, if it works it works

Yalor - it was my proposal

DappLion - i have not seen it, so i don't know, stick with what works

Lindsay - don't think it comes off as playful, but it does get results. It's not always at fault of the proposer. we should s not always

Vojtech - sick of excuses that the DApp is not ready and therefore we need to implement "temporary" solution. Milestones that are good should receive some bonus. we should shift over to positive reinforcement

Kay - I was very taken aback in the beginning, i get why yalor feels this way, most errors come from inexperience, i like vojtech's incentivisation proposal, let's not be trump l let's not be trump l let's not be trump l let's not be trump l let's not be trump l let's not be trump l let's not be trump l let's not be trumpKay - its administration, shaming is barbaric.

Donations rulebook, what do we take and what dont we take? - Vojtech

Amend and Clarify

Yalor will create incentivization mechanism, until then public shaming stays.


Tabled until replacement


Tabled, to be revisited in Cardona.




Yalor: Perfect timing, can't wait to see you in Cardona! Tay Tay Tray: Good meeting Kate: That was quick and simple! Lindsay: Great, thanks. Kay: Castle looks great! Streaming sucks, we can't do it like this anymore. Dapplion: great meeting. Vojtech: Good.

End of meeting