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Giveth Governance Meeting #31

May 17th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Linds Kay Griff Lorelei Vojtech Kris RJ

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What we did

Lindsay - Lots of Burning Man stuff Kay - Leaderboard and small fixes Vojtech - responded to emails lots of catch up with from Edcon Griff - Meetings, Dappnode, New potential PM, worked with Bowen on security, Manifesto, Call with Aragon, Burning Man, Funded open bounty Lorelei - Was partnering for most of Griffs stuff, triple-checking RJ - Writing script to make bridge development easier, working with 0x on code-coverage, lots of testing Kris - Traveling a lot, dishing comm points, updated cle0 on Giveth, talks and help with BI discussion, Points Bot, helped facilitate Manifesto contest (and Kris won), Charities AMA Kate - Youtube stuff


Griff - distracted by traveling to Airport Kris - distracted by late flight at Airport Lindsay - here to support. no distractions RJ - short meeting - no distractions Kay - short meeting - distracted by notes Kate - came for loomio proposal


Toggled-Off: No one


  • Point1: Changing the MultiSig:

  • Point2: Changing email service (will not be discussed during governance meeting)

Point1 MultiSig

Griff proposed a change to the multisig, but fears it clashes with Giveth values


Reducing signees by vote would reduce all women that are on the multsig now.


Talk about options.

Clarifying Questions



Kay - wrote my stance in Loomio - in favor of reducing signees Kris - agrees largely RJ - wants to remove stale signees Vojtech - we should think about security first Kate - agrees with security mindset. multisig should not be a field where we execute inclusion and other soft values Lindsay - Supports team in what is being decided Lorelei - nothing to add Griff - clear consensus it seems

Amend and Clarify

Griff supports the action, but is looking for volunteer that wants to execute kicking people off. Lindsay will handle the operation together with Vojtech. In the end we should have a 6/11 MultSig. Nobody should be kicked from MultiSig channel. Communication about this in #giveth-multisig.




Griff - Awesome meeting - thanks. great to Kay - Short meeting thanks RJ - Like to hear everybody's voice - efficient meeting Kris - Great meeting Vojtech - Thanks and see you soon Lindsay - Really excited to see the others. Talk next week Kate - Enjoyed the meeting. Good resolution Lorelei - Thanks for holding it together. Excited to see all the Unicorns.

End of meeting

18:38 CET