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Giveth Governance Meeting #30

May 10th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Yalor, Lindsay, Kris, Quazia, Oz, Bowen, Alex, Satya, Kate

dropped-in: RJ, Kate, Deam, Lanski, dapplion, edu left-early: quazia


Griff - 3 proposals, no distractions Lindsay - solidify june mtg, distracted by israel family stuff Satya - no intentions Yalor - intending to not be distracted, get official june dates Lorelei - Taking notes, proposals Kris - distraction:comms mtg prep, looking fwd to short mtg RJ - check in w/ everyone, get thru proposals, no distractions Bowen - hopes to help facil quick mtg, no distractions Kate - technical distractions Deam - no distractions Oz - quick mtg Alex - no distractions


Toggled-Off: No one hard stop at the hour


  • Point1: The first one to talk about is adding DAC's to our platform:

  • Point2: The next one is two combined, adding Yalor and Bowen to the Multisig

Last is solidifying dates for our June meetup! (might be more of a Q&A

Point1 Adding DACs

Griff proposed


Add these 2 DACs


Allow open source block explorer to stay on, add aragon DAC. Would require leaderboard and multisig. THis would go on Kay's to do list and we assume he'll be good with it.

Clarifying Questions

Kris - what would be the impact/use? Is there a specific need for this, knowing that we aren't opening up to the public right now? - Griff - it would be internal Kris - why do we need to have this as a DAC? Could this not be a campaign since its happening within giveth community? Griff - b/c we aren't working within giveth github


Lorelie - no comment Lindsay - supports this, makes sense for accounting/organizational, would be happy to learn process/be on multisigs Oz - makes sense to me, best tool we have for accounting for Aragon Deam - seems good to me Yalor - we're not creating a DAC, they are. all for it. should be separate from giveth Satya - strange that we are creating a DAC for them, they shoud create and be in control of their own. they do transparent accounting so why do they need us to do it for them? don't think we should do this for them. Bowen - sees both sides, no strong opinion RJ - Don't support. those DACs aren't what we are trying to do...giveth isn't an accounting tool. Dont think our platform is ready for other people to use yet. Once the bridge is implemented it makes more sense. Alex - If they want a DAC they should make it themselves. Kris - Agree with RJ, too early to do this. Still confusion about why it needs to be a DAC, what they will be doing on it. table it for a little bit. As far as open block explorer one, let's put a diff loomio proposal in to see how we would fund this. we should vote on it. Kate - no strong opinion, feels early.

Amend and Clarify

They are not creating a DAC, what giveth is working with them on is decentralizing their development. Adria, Jordi, Griff, Quazia will all have a hand in it, rewards and bounties will be created on it. It's not through Aragon one, they are just the givers. We should table this. They are ready to send us funds so giveth contributors can work on this project and DAC is the easiest way for us to manage those funds...




Adding Yalor and Bowen to multisig


Both deserve and would help giveth if they were on multisig, we would then have a six of sixteen multisig, which is pretty high... should we remove people?

Clarifying Questions



Kris - support the proposal, we will get quicker payouts Lion - Yalor is da man. Lindsay - hell yes! Alex - let's do it Edu - not there Lanski - hellyeah Lorelei - yes Yalor - yes! always online so good idea Oz - agreed Kate - great idea Bowen - yes Satya - yes let's add more people! anything for speedy payment, maybe other incentives like a bounty for signing the contract RJ - support two adds, we should take ppl off. 6 of 16 isn't right. idea that some ppl are on for "security" like jordi doesn't make sense. folks that aren't active should be off

Amend and Clarify

Griff - let's kick 1 or 2 ppl off, create a loomio for that. up the requirement to 7 signatures until we kick people off.

Kris - Griff - kicking ppl out requires discussion, adding ppl and adding required signatures is easy Bowen - isn't it 5? Griff - 1 initiates, 5 sign. we move to 1 initiates, 6 sign Yalor - can we have both the adds and subtracts happen within one week? can start loomio

Griff integrating objection - Yalor will create loomio. Permission to add bowen and yalor if we up to 7.

Kate - unproductive multisig currently. no sensitive matter to kick ppl off Lanski - needs to be discussion with the people affected by it, maybe it will take more than one week. we should hear these people out. we assume they are busy but maybe they have other reasons we need to hear.

No strong objections to integrated proposal.

Point1 June Meeting details


Need to decide dates


June 1st - 7th are most popular dates

Reaction Round

Griff - excited, will cost us 65 Euro/day, will try to get donations for aragon/swarm city people coming. we can host up to 100 people. intention is very little structure, a place to come together and meet/work in flow Yalor - whatever dates I will be there! excited for team vibe Deam - sounds exciting, might not make it Satya - super excited. good dates, will bring kids! Oz - probably won't be there but support it! Kris - will be there w/ boyfriend in tow :) RJ - probably can Bowen - don't know if i can make it but i think it's great Kate - check in with Lorelei Edu - let's do it Alex - dates sound great

Griff - if you have special needs like carseats for kids etc, please note this


too tight on time! great productivity


Skipped due to lack of time.

End of meeting

18:59 CET