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3rd Giveth DAC governance meeting on 2017-09-29

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Note: names are shortened

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 5pm central european time

Check in: Any distractions?

  • Griff: distracted by all the things he wants to do this weekend
  • Kris: distracted: everything is coming at once, intention:absorbing,getting to know people
  • Grace: distracted by things that has to be done, looking at lot of stuff
  • Vojtech: distracted by finish stuff up at CERN, intention:wants a super fast meeting
  • Oz: distracted by tests, getting the meeting done quickly
  • Kay: distracted by the signal lost for the stream, exited about kriss
  • RJ: distracted by jitsi does not work, intension: hear what Kris is gonna do
  • Jen: distracted by having to make notes


Griff: external:Kris

Jen: Clubhouse

Kay: Smart Milestones how?

Grace: Expenses verification

Jen - Clubhouse

Tension: it would be nice to have one tool to organize the team

Proposal: check out clubhouse

Clarifying question:

Will it get rid off any other tools?


G: sounds safe enough to try

V: more detailed then "check it out"

K:checked it out

Grace: explain it more and then we can talk about it

Oz: looks really good, what Jen did so far, let's try to use it

Kriss: we talked about it earlier, which tools do u wanna replace

RJ: tension is not clear

Satya: we can all have different teams and we should use the tool

New proposal: Make a post in the organization channel on what feedback should be given at

Griff: Kris, social media

Tension: not really a strategy or clarity in sm output, proposing a role

Proposal: we need a person who needs to do social media, produce content

Clarifying question:

Satya: will you produce content? - yes but the goal is to work close with all the non devs to get content. His maine role is to produce content


Kris: likes to work for us

Jen: in for that, likes the idea of having one person doing all the social media

RJ: is in for that idea

Grace: happy about the idea having Kris for this role- yes!

Kay: thinks this is a great idea!

OZ: likes the idea of having one person who is responsible for the role

Z: likes the idea, curious what we can come up with

S: super good to have a dedicated role for this position

V: we needed you two months ago already

Griff clarifies: Kris will take over managing social media(FB,twitter, reddit),has to be very active on slack, ambassador to new people on slack

Kay: Smart Milestones how?

Tension: why do we have two different forms/sheets for the goal?

Proposal: do we need the form or the spreadsheet?

Clarifying question: non


G: want's the excel spreadsheet, if we do use the form we need an accountability

V: we should use the form

Grace: likes the form and it does not mean that we not have a spreadsheet, can we have multiple links, can we add that to the form?

RJ: don't like the spreadsheet, is in for the form

Z: don't do regular rewards, no reaction

Jen: she likes both, does not matter where to put data in but we need to have an accountability

Oz:he wasn't fast enough with setting the new form up, apologizes and thinks we can use clubhouse as a "smart milestone" tracker, for now we have to do both

S: likes the form but also likes other people's milestones, does not like to srawl, newest week should be at first

Kriss: does not know what the topic is, congratulate to having it, having an overview on what everyone is working on

Clarifying by Kay: we keep using the Excel spreadsheet till everyone is happy with the form


OZ: he is already in charge and gets back to everyone and talkes it out with people if they have a concern

Grace: Oz should be the one deciding, it does not make sense to use two things at the same time, filling out the form at the beginning of the week

RJ: Oz should decide what's easiest for him

KAY: integrate objections: Oz should be in charge and decide what has to be done

Grace: Expenses verification

Tension: people might not know what's happening with the expenses

Proposal: opportunity what is happening with the expenses: several spreadsheet, one is feeding into the milestone tracker, multiple ones and in those spreadsheets is the eth conversion of noon- ETH is changed in USD, do we pay for food in general

Clarifying question:proposal that we move to this new form?- links are all shared in the channel


G: looks good, is down with the form

Oz: likes it

Kay: when someone is paying for food for everyone, it should be payed by Giveth

V: likes the form

RJ: spreadsheet looks good, Food: has been covered

S: does not know the sheet

K: no opinion yet

Jen: likes the form and likes the idea of Giveth paying for food when someone pays for everything

Grace clarifies: we will use the form, expenses for food: is not really sure but she will work on the travel expenses for the playbook

No other topics.

Check out:

G: is happy

K: is impressed by the system we use for meetings

Oz: great job guys, seems that we are getting better on it

Z: sry i couldn't make it on time. Likes how it worked out, why did we changed the platform

K: meetings are getting better,yeah. Video is better contributed and it is easier to stream which is why we use jitsi instead of appear

Grace: happy about getting the meeting done in less than an hour

V: appreciated that it was a fast meeting, seems to be efficient

Jen: great meeting, very fluent

RJ: meetings are getting better

S: great meeting, we hired a team member as a team in the governance meeting, this is an amazing progress, this is an awesome system, we are getting good at it