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Giveth Governance Meeting #28

April 5th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Griff, Lindsay, Kay, Lorelei, DappLion, Yalor, Kate, Edu, RJ, Satya, Deam, Quazia, Alex, Kris

dropped-in: Andreas, Oz left-early: XXX


Griff - Concise meeting Lindsay - Concise meeting Kay - Wants help with notes DappLion - No distractions Satya - No distractions RJ - No great expectations but lets see. Quazia - Same wants to fix payout Alex - Not distracted Kris - Not distracted Andreas - Muted Kate - Not distracted Yalor - Lets get through the meeting Deam - Fast


Toggled-Off: Lorelei, Andreas, Deam


  • Point1: Join Blockchain for social impact coalition
  • Point2: Solve payment issues



Need to be more visible in charitable blockchain space


Join coalition for benefits and getting access to ressources - no strings attached?

Clarifying Questions

Kay - When did you talk to Alice? Kris - Last week


Griff - Heard not good things. Rumor on street is they steal ideas and people. Just be cautious. Don't invite them to close. Hear other peoples experiences. Edu - Agree with Griff Quazia - Be cautious Yalor - Proceed with caution Kay - Know some people. Don't have a definite answer. Proceed with caution Satya - We should totally do it RJ - No clear idea Kitteh - notetaker was distracted Lindsay - Proceed with caution - Visibility is good Alex - Passing it on DappLion - Proceed with caution Andreas - Not the best impression of Consensys from the NGO side, but Giveth should be as visible as possible Kay - Would like to have Consensys talk with DAC in a forum

Amend and Clarify

Proceed with caution. Before we give an ok talk with Consensys again, as well as our friends Alice and Salt.





Payments are not processed on time


Different solutions proposed (see loomio):

2a RJ

Move burden of responsibility to circles

2b Satya

Let people file compensation milestones

2c Griff

Onboard Lorelei and Bowen as backups for milestone reviews and make small changes to DApp

Clarifying Questions

Quazia to Satya - What prevents people from gaming the milestone compensation reward? Not much


Kris - ref1; this is a task of the governance circle. forking off increases decentralization. ref3; rectifies problems ref2; does not like idea of compensation Yalor - ref3; good idea. make milestones automatically go to new reviewers. ref1; give governance a chance ref2; would be fine with compensation historically dapplion - not enough info Satya - ref1; agree. ref3; better than now, but not THE solution Lindsay - ref3; best option for now. two people might not be enough. like what yalor said for satya's proposals in retrospect. Edu - ref3; would like to try. ref1; quite good but would like to give preference to propopsal 3. ref2; makes problem worse Alex - Have we fixed the slow point of the multisend? ref1; like, ref2; Something should happen ref3; like Kate - Feels this should be a decision that's more centralized RJ - ref2; can be gamed needs rules. ref3; wrong answer because of centralization Kay - Nobody was taking notes Griff - ref1; team cohesion is bad in this proposal. we should use issues that come up to be creative. Believe solving the multisend issue by teaching to many people will solve slow payouts. Quazia - Currently automated as a service. We can run it once a week. People will not need to think about this. ref2; Understand if we go either way. Budget should have run out. ref1; don't think it would help, but fights for right to be able to do it that way. ref3; Cool

Amend and Clarify

Griff - no change RJ - no change Satya - only do it until 5 day payment. file compensation milestone on exact date of payment




1 - approved 2a,b,c - approved


checkout with mixed feelings and lots of love

End of meeting