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Giveth Governance Meeting #26

March 22nd, 2018 \

Youtube Livestream -


Griff, Kay, Kris, Oz, Yalda, Satya, Vojtech, Kate

\ Check In

Missing due to note taking confusion


Toggled-Off: Kate \


  • Making campaigns
  • Donation format

Making a Decentral/Circles Campaign


Decentral and Circles both want a Campaign


Let's give it to them! They will need to make their own multisig. And will definitely use the leaderboard

Clarifying Questions



Kay: Fine to use leaderboard. Too early for DApp? Decision should be left with DApp team?

Kris: Makes sense. Keep it simple - where do you draw the line?

Oz: Doesn't have a strong opinion. Makes sense to put it on the DApp.

Yalda: Feels too new to have much of an opinion, but generally thinks it's fine.

Satya: Follow conclusion from last weeks similar proposal? Has no strong opinion.

Vojtech: Agree, but has questions about technical information.

Yalor: Good opportunity for collecting funds. Not super technical but supports it.

Amend and Clarify

Onboard DAppNode as a campaign, so Edu can take payments


Passed (kind of)

Moving Away From Mini-Me Tokens


Currently we have a lot of people trying to send donations that fail because they're not sending enough gas.


Move away from the minime token and make a leaderboard that is based off the giveth token balances, saving gas and resulting in fewer failed transactions.

Clarifying Questions

Are we completely abandoning the tokens?

  • Maintain awareness that the token existed and track past donors.
  • Depends on Aragon


Kay: Really likes the token, but feels its undefined. One does not exclude the other (leaderboard vs token).

Kris: No feedback on technical side, but doesn't feel it makes sense to keep giving the token out.

Oz: If it's causing problems with donations then agrees we might have to move away. Likes Vojtech's idea.

Yalda: Understands making it painless for donators. Important to still have governance tokens.

Vojtech: Recognises the token is important but wonders if part of the solution could be distributing tokens on a test net?

Yalor: Doesn't know about the minime token.

Satya has left

Griff: Would like to debate it more. Maintaining positive feedback of minime token loop would be good.


Do the leaderboard, but table for later date.

Barcelona Meetup?


Been a long time since last meetup!


Barcelona meetup - griff will get a big AirBnB near the office.

Clarifying Questions

How many people already said they were coming as we might not need a bigger place? 2 people?


Kris: Will be there! Intends to work with people!

Oz: Won't be able to be there so dislikes the idea. Excited for Toronto.

Yalda: Great, but won't be there.

Vojtech: Would like to see everyone all the time. Excited for it!

Yalor: Super excited to be there! Would like to help with things!

Kate: Would love to come if she can sort out a passport.


Proposal stands!


Kate toggled off on her first meeting. Decided that we can be happy with the multisig and leaderboard and address it later. Moving away from minime seems like the solution but lots of good ideas from Yalda and Vojtech. Meeting in Barcelona is happening!


Griff: Happy :-D

Kris: Great meeting!

Oz: Thx!

Yalda: Happy to be here to throw out ideas.

Yalor: Easy breezy.

Vojtech: Great meeting, Gratitude!

Kate: fun to listen in, learned a lot :-D Happy with the notes

End of meeting

18:58 CET