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Giveth Governance Meeting #25

March 15th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Griff, Kay, Alex, RJ, Kris, Lindsey, Oz, Yalda, Satya

dropped-in: Edu


Griff - distracted by being in restaurant, excited for Agenda

Lindsey - also distracted by restaurant

Kriss - interested in DAppNode and upcoming meeting. No distractions.

Alex - sounds like a mad robot

Kay - excited for meeting

Oz - loves to see our faces, likes DApp Node

RJ - intention to figure out the campaign onboarding process, stress with feathers

Satya - Is distracted by eating and has no intentions

Yalda - Interested to learn about Holacratic meeting


Toggled-Off: Yalda


  • DAppNode



DAppNode Team needs funding.


Add the DAppNode Team as a campaign to Giveth to enable them raising funds

Clarifying Questions



Edu - Excited about project.

RJ - In general too soon to onboard. Convoluted accounting software is not the way to go for Giveth. Loves the project though.

Oz - Looking for a solution also for snapproof

Kay - Let's use leaderboard until Giveth is ready

Satya - No opinion

Kris - likes Kays proposal as long as Giveth main DApp is a bit clunky

Linds - Agrees with Kris. Likes internal accounting with Giveth.

Alex - Not much of an issue to use Giveth main DApp since everybody knows how to use it

Amend and Clarify

Onboard DAppNode as a campaign, so Edu can take payments




DAppNode will be added as a campaign to the main DApp


Griff: Likes short meeting

Edu: Great to hear voices for support and opinion

Alex: Agree with Edu. Stay vigilant

Kris: Good, efficient, short meeting

Satya: Likes short meeting

Oz: Thanks guys

Kay: Cool short meeting

Linds: Great to be a part of the family and see how the meeting works

End of meeting