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Notes for 21st Giveth Governance Meeting Feb 01st, 2018

Youtube Live stream

Attending: * Kris: A bit distracted by what time it is LOL TIMEZONES * Kay: Distracted by "thing here" will help with notes * Alex: Not distracted here to participate * Oz: Has to leave in hald an hour * Satya: Not distracted no intentions. * Quazia: Also has to step out soon * Griff: Not distracted, proposing ScalingNow campaign. * Edu: Excited to see what ScalingNow is. * Vojtech: Not distracted, believe that the loomio proposal already passed. Talk about edcon * Lanski: Toggled off

Logistics: Facilitator Griff, Secretary Arthur

Toggle off: Lanski


  1. Scaling Now
  2. Edcon
  3. Meeting structure
  4. RSK?
  5. Loomio proposals 12h before

Point 1 - Scaling Now!

Tension: Giveth needs a scaling solution. Proposal: Griff makes campaign for scaling now

Clarifying questions:

Reactions: * Quazia: We can separate out the milestones easily, proposal is fine * Vojtech: Likes loomio proposal. first campaign other than giveth * Oz: Sounds great * Alex: garbage mic/connection * Kay: Affirmative * Edu: loves the project, loves the series. * Satya: Fine with proposal * Kris: Fine with proposal, can help with administration * Alex: collaboration is good

Amend and clarify:

The ScalingNow campaign will just be for fundraising. Campaign will start tomorrow

Result: Passed

Point 2 - EdCon

Tension: registration started and theres only 500 places. Who goes? Are we sponsors? Are we getting tickets?

Proposal: People should buy their own tickets to EdCon

Clarifying questions: Q: How much is a ticket? A: Now early bird 560, 350 for devs


  • Oz: makes sense, maybe circles can reimburse if appropriate.
  • Kris: Griff and Jordi are speaking, does Griff get extra free tickets? Who should be here? What is this conference for?
  • Kay: Doesn't know a lot about edcon. Circles should decide on who comes. Will not be going to edcon.
  • Satya: Not going. No opinion.
  • Alex:
  • Edu: Will be going to this conference. Will buy a ticket.
  • Griff: Is speaking, we will get a demo, everyone who wants to go should get a ticket. Circles should figure it out on their own.
  • Arthur: We have a policy for that - handle in circles
  • Alex: Agrees with Oz, handle this on a case by case basis.

Amend and clarify: It's up to every circle to decide. Everyone buys their own ticket.

Result: Passed

Point 3 - Meeting Structure

Tension: Check in seems redundant. Tension seems like a waste of time.

Proposal: Drop the checkins

Clarifying questions:

Reactions: * Oz: We should just bundle the checkin and the weekly status together. * Edu: this seems fine * Griff: Excited to drop the video at the start of the meeting, meanwhile this is fine. * Vojtech: Sounds good * Kay: Agrees check in in a bit awkward. What people did in the week could actually be made longer. This meeting will evolve * Kris: Never seen the check in as too long. Still this is fine. * Alex: Agrees; add it to the video part * Quazia: Agree its fine to combine. Need this space for personal stuff, leaving early, distractions, etc.

Amend and clarify: Checkin is what you did last week, just add additional information into this slot.


Point 4 - RSK

Tension: We are spending much time and effort on helping the Ethereum ecosystem develop scaling solutions for DApps.

Proposal: RSK is a possible solution. From next week test RSK.

Clarifying questions:

Q: Do you know of any dapps that are working on RSK
A: Huge List actually. But don't know them personally.

Q: How does RSK work?
A: I don't know

Q: What are the costs/what is needed?
A: The proposal would investigate that.


  • Griff: Their current system has a lot of huge issues. No Block explorer. No devs. We have a free solution - pretty much ready. RSK has same problems as other ETH clones. Underdeveloped Ecosystem. Why would we? Makes no sense.
  • Quazi: Major concerns - centralized authority. If goal is remove federal system would be bad to give control away.
  • Vojtech: Right now modifying DApp slowing progress. RSK is very much aligned with us. Don't feel the same support in Ethereum
  • Kris: All of Giveth is full hands on deck for current direction. Proposal sounds biased by personal meeting.
  • Edu: Likes project. Agree with Griff on status. Need to take also time to research other solutions. We need to know about other projects and continue to research it.
  • Alex: Should wait until done with Ethereum then move o
  • Kay There is a lot of cooperation for us in ethereum, we have a great network effect from scalingNOW and we dont hear from the EF that much, but its fine because its decentralized. The main network works great.

Amend and clarify: If no one sees the point, I will table it.

Result: TABLED

Point 5 - Loomio

Tension: Ad-hoc agenda points lead to uninformed decisions

Proposal: No more ad-hoc agenda points. Has to be in Loomio before

Clarifying questions:

Reactions: * Kris: Good idea to start discussion on Loomio. More informed governance meeting. * Vojtech: All for it * Edu: Agree * Satya: Agree * Alex: Agree * Griff: Needs to be 12 hours. Global time-difference. Would have helped today.

Amend and clarify: Agenda items have to be on Loomio 12 hours before governance meeting

Result: Passed

Point 6 - Get Alex on Multisig

Tension: Could use more signers on MultiSig

Proposal: Put Alex on MultiSig

Clarifying questions:

Q: Should stay at 6?
A: Yes

Reactions: * Kris: Y * Vojtech: Y * Kay: Y * Edu: Y * Satya: Y * Griff: Y. A little easy on security, but yea.

Amend and clarify: Put Alex on MultiSig. Stay at 6 confirmations.

Result: Passed


  1. Scaling now campaign will be created tomorrow
  2. Attendees to EDCON pay tickets themselves. Circles discuss compensation.
  3. Check-in - Dropped
  4. RSK - Dropped
  5. Agenda items have to be brought to Loomio at least 12 hours before governance meeting
  6. Alex will be put on MultiSig

End of meeting: 7.15 pm