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Notes for 20th Giveth Governance Meeting Feb 01st, 2018

Link to video stream:


  • Griff - couplse own proposal, not distracted
  • Yalor - not distracted
  • Satya - not distracted, heater broken, cold
  • Vojtech - warm and undistracted
  • Jen - cold, not distracted
  • RJ - not distracted, trying to hear
  • kay - distracted by writing notes
  • Arthur - bad audio
  • Alex- same unicorn tshirt distraction

Logistics: Facilitator Griff, Secretary Arthur

Toggle off: Nobody


Reporting Team-Up -Google 4 calendar Reward DAO Communication budget Objections as proposals Loomio 4 governance

Point 1

Tension: Good milestone reporting important.

Proposal: Add relevant links, Link to the video (upload or timestamp in governance meeting) - video becomes mandatory.

Clarifying questions: Q: Can video requirements be included in this proposal A: Yes

Q: What is this for? A: everything but expense


  • Griff - Love it!
  • Satya - Make template and upload to Github issues. Establish a standard. Video should not be required.
  • RJ - Seconds. Video should not be required. Hates video.
  • Vojtech - hard, foresees situations where video is not the best medium. We should create a template.
  • Kay - Should not require a video, but it should be encouraged. We should do videos as often as we can. Pro template.
  • Yalor - Agrees with Kay. Videos are kewl!
  • Oz - Sounds like adding videos to milestones. Obviously in favor. Video fan.
  • Edu - Loves the idea! Something should not be mandatory though. Videos can waste time.
  • Alex - After further review video proof should not be essential. Proof of work is needed and should be selected by case.
  • Jen - In favor of videos. Great proof of work. Understand that writing code doesn't serve to a video.

Amend and clarify: Obligatory to link to proof of work DONE (develop template). For reward DAO video is obligatory, for others it's recommended.

Result: Approved

Point 2

Tension: Currently using teamup, this was not passed. This is not user friendly or well integrated. Doesn't do time zones well.

Proposal: Use google calendar instead of teamup.

Clarifying questions:

  • Q; Why switch back we just switched
  • A: Google is neatReactions:


  • Vojtech: Supports this, new version of google is good.
  • Kay: Laying low on this one. ReadyCal is open source < 3
  • Arthur: Pro
  • Yalor: Yay
  • Oz: Yay
  • Alex: yay. Timezones are hard.
  • Griff: Only switch to an open source tool if we switch.
  • RJ: We should stop pussy footing around and PICK open source or google. JEEZ GUYS
  • Edu: Sounds good
  • Jen: Does not care AT ALL.
  • Satya: Google is probably evil but they shur do software some gud.

Amend and clarify:

Go for Google calendar and explore open source down the line. Fragmentation is ;__; that's a separate proposal.

Result: PASSED


Tension: RewardDao is available for only some regular reward people. They should not get this on top of their work. This is imbalanced.

Proposal: Regular reward people should not get #POINTS. Bias is a scary monster that lives in all of us.

Clarifying questions: none


  • Alex: Agrees
  • Oz: silence Interesting point. Unicorn feature sounds good. Lets keep experimenting. Lets get weird.
  • Vojtech: Agrees
  • Satya: Sad about not getting more points. Doesn't like points. Internal struggle. What is work. Everything is work. Passed.
  • RJ: Agrees
  • Yalor: Agrees
  • Edu: Agrees
  • Jen: Agrees
  • Quazia: Agrees
  • Griff: Disagree strongly. Should give points to everybody all the time. Wants Unicorn points to reward cross-circle contributions.
  • Kay: Agrees. Peoples regular rewards should periodically be adjusted based on involvement. This system should not eat away at new contributors $$$.

Amend and clarify: Regular reward people will not get points but they will get unicorn points. Maybe some day they will matter. Right now they DO NOT. This is not retroactive.

Result: Passed


Tension: Need more money in budget for Yalor and Cleo. Proposal: Kay moves to Governance

Clarifying questions:


  • Griff: this sounds good. Lets not discuss budget.
  • Oz: Circles working together is cool
  • Jen: Good jazz yaya
  • Vojtech: Is this governance?
  • RJ: No opinion, circle decision.
  • Satya: Nothing
  • Edu: Passes
  • Alex: agrees
  • Kay: Makes sense, this is an announcement.
  • Yalor: Sounds good
  • Quazia: No objections

Amend and clarify: This belongs in the meeting. Kay is on Governance. Everything milestone from here on is in Governance.

Result: Passed


Tension: Decision in the DApp circle was made that effected other circles. Proposal: Read a wikipedia article on our governance. Actual proposal is to implement an objection instead of a tension. Be careful, we're playing with fire m8s.

Clarifying questions:

  • Q: How is this not covered in Loomio?
  • A: It might be.

  • Q: Is this part of reinventing organization?

  • A: yes, it's a modification

Reactions: Kay: Governance should be greased in general. This should be organic. ABSTAIN Jen: Sounds like a great idea Oz: Doesn't like the idea. This could be dangerous. Eat your own dog food this looks undercooked. Yalor: Sounds good from my understanding but I did not understand this. Edu: Makes sense - good for me. Alex: Don't agree. Loomio covers all of this lets do it offline. Quazia: Maybe not the time for this right now, try other options first. Kris: Believes in communication. Discussing can waste time though. We should make this Social Codings problem HAAAAAAAAA. RJ: Something needs to exist for handling this situation. Maybe multiple mechanisms. Vojtech: Feels opinionated. Agrees there needs to be a process but don't abuse it. What is autonomy within circles. How do we know what impacts who? Satya: Circles should be able to decide for themselves but unclear who can do what.

Amend and clarify:

  • If you object in the future try this. Everybody read the gosh darn wiki article. Result: Tabled


Tension: Decisionmaking is too much focused on real-time communication. This wastes time and energy. Proposal: start experimenting with loomio

Clarifying questions: When should the loomio be evaluated? - no strong feelings


  • Kris - Likes idea to cut slack off meetings
  • Oz - worried about wishful thinking. there should be a deadline day.
  • RJ - having a place to discuss outside of meeting. supports idea.
  • Satya - sounds good. loves tool focus.
  • Yalor - I know nothing of loomio but like to open up and loosening meetings
  • Jen - Don't know the tool. Supports deadline day.
  • Alex - Personally thinks best option to cut down on meeting time.
  • Griff - Great idea. Deadline 12 hours before the meeting?
  • Edu - Any tool that makes us more efficient is great to try
  • Vojtech - Great idea. Can lead to even more work being spent on meetings
  • Kay - totally agree

Amend and clarify: Will look at hosting options.

Result: Passed


  1. Encourage links to videos
  2. Google cal is replacing teamup
  3. Reg Reward can only get Unicorn points for now
  4. @geleeroyale moves to governance circle.
  5. Tabled
  6. Will start integrating Loomio

End of meeting: 7.45 pm