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2nd Giveth DAC governance meeting on 2017-09-22

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Check in and beginning of the meeting: 5pm central european time

Check in: any distractions?

  • Vojtech: distracted by being at work, he hopes it's a quick meeting
  • Oz: distracted by gravatar image upload
  • Kay: distracted by checking the stream
  • Jordi: distracted by Catalan REVOLUTION
  • RJ: distracted by traveling and settling back in
  • Jen: distracted by bad connection

Jordi is leaving in half an hour, Jen is leaving in an hour


  1. Vojtech: Cancun,Shirts, business cards

  2. Griff: Accountabilities, metrics

1.Vojtech: Cancun

Tension: Devcon is coming and we need lots of swag and we have to get them asap

Proposal: creating a circle around it, Grace or Alan should be the lead question: seems that part Clarifying question: The proposal seems to choose someone that is not here, that does not makes sense

Kay: White Hat shirts are there - Griff stops him because that argument does not follow the rules of a governance meeting

Griff makes the system of the governance meeting clear again

Clarifying question: Who has to be the designer for shirts? Alan is nominated for this task


Kay: Good idea and he wants to be the facilitator of printing shirts

Jen: Good idea, we should have channel and ask Grace

Task: We are going to create a circle and ask Grace or Alan to be the lead, if none of them wants to be the lead, Vojtech will volunteer. The purpose of the channel is to organize things;and give aways around Cancun?Devcon

2. Griff: Accountabilities:

Tension: Griff wants to check accountabilities in roles

Proposal Griff will edit the accountability form so that the terms become more clear and then go through it with individual team members


Kay:It is important to put roles in now and have a look what is valid

Oz: Meeting should be about governance, not about who puts stuff into sheets?

People agree with Oz

Jordi: First time we do this, we need to get a little of feedback, good idea to have this sheet

Task: Griff will go through the spreadsheet for roles one by one per person, he takes this proposal and talks about it next week

Check out

  • Griff:it was fun, quick,easy,
  • V:fien good fast,
  • Jordi: good
  • Oz: agrees
  • Kay:top,fast,quick,great
  • Jen: fast,quick,super good

End of meeting at 5:30 pm central european time