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17th Giveth Governance Meeting

Held Jan 12th, 2018


** - DApp Milestone Walk thru


Attending: Arthur, Yalor, Kris, Griff, RJ, Vojtech, Kay, Oz, Edu, Alex, Satya, Grace (Listener)


Griff - distracted by travel (tired)

Oz - no distractions, no agendas

Kay - distracted by notes

Vojtech - excited about meeting, no distractions

Kris - distracted by being sick, interested to see progress

RJ - no distractions

Satya - no distractions but will drop off anytime soon

Arthur - distracted by bad internet, will help with notes

Weekly update at beginning of the meeting: 6:00 pm central european time

Logistics: Toggle off: Grace, Yalor Stay around for milestone walkthrough


  1. Reschedule
  2. Bi-weekly meetings (meaning twice a week)
  3. Code of conduct
  4. Follow up
  5. Deploying Milestones

Point 1

Tension: Friday annoying day for governance meeting, like to do stuff with friends/family, lots of future fridays Satya would have bad attendance. Proposal: Move proposal to another day

Clarifying questions:

Griff - What day? Reactions:

Griff, RJ, Oz, Vojtech, Kay, Arthur, Grace - sounds good

Kris - likes Friday

Amend and clarify: Set up doodle to pick new date that will be announced on next governance meeting

Point 2

Tension: Nobody went to dailies but we need more than one meeting. Proposal: We should have a second weekly meeting that is more like a "fireside chat" or social meeting.

Clarifying questions: Do you have somebody intended to run this? Oz Volunteers Reactions: Griff - pro, the more chats the better as long as they aren't required. Maybe have some order?

Satya - Pro, but Already a lot of meetings, probably won't join this meeting.

Vojtech - Pro, but doesn't think it's useful.

Kris - 1 meeting per week better, informal meeting would be fine.

RJ - Pro, no comment. Quazia - i'm pro with it, less structure is best

Amend and clarify: 1 weekly meeting, will switch off who leads it. This could be the "onboarding" meeting with less form. We will pick a date (probably through doodle).

Point 3

Tension: We need a community code of conduct to point too to use for people in our communities (slack, riot). Proposal: Accept the community code of conduct put forth by Kay.

Clarifying questions:

Oz - Can we skip reaction round? Mixed responses - will have reaction round

Quazia- How much was changed? Reaction - not much, this can be a living document Reactions: Griff - He'll edit it, Thx Kay!

Kris - Add code of conduct to the communities so we can point to it if somebody needs to be removed.

Oz, RJ, Arthur, Vojtech - Looks good.

Amend and clarify: Proposal stands, there is a code of conduct on the wiki look over it.

Point 4

Tension: Not clear if things are followed up after the meeting Proposal: Make a list between meetings to make sure stuff happened

Clarifying questions:

Griff (Q)- This is different than summary -- includes actually provoking action?

Kris (R)- A list is good but the more important thing is making sure that things are actually done and if they aren't those items need to be placed back on the agenda. Reactions: Arthur - Good idea - would help if needed

Griff - A lot of times proposal is structured anyway to have a person following up

Kay - Curious how this works; shouldn't there already be a person responsible for each action?

Vojtech - sees tension, proposal might bring us closer to solution

Oz- Sounds good, permissions are bad but tracking progress is good.

RJ - Indifferent, people bringing up a tension should hold responsibility.

Amend and clarify: This is not meant to point fingers, this is more so because people are so busy we need a second set of eyes on things to make sure things do not fall through the cracks. More talk on execution.


  1. Governance meeting next week same great time, same great place, but Satya will create a poll on what day we should move our governance meetings to.
  2. In the future we will have a second meeting structured like a "fireside chat" or informal meeting run by Oz and Kay
  3. We have a new code of conduct, read it, enforce it, love it - Check it out!
  4. An effort will be made between Quazia and Kris to make sure tasks don't fall through the cracks. How exactly this is done has yet to be solidified -- updates to come.

End of meeting: 6.45 pm

Checkout Griff-- Meeting went well, nice to have a new face Yalor -- Awesome meeting structure is cool

Vojtech -- Great meeting see you next week

Oz -- THanks good meeting

Grace - Nice meeting! Thank you team. Next time I will make sure I can also participate.

Kris -- Thanks everybody see you all next week

RJ -- Good meeting

Arthur -- Good meeting

Kay -- Great meeting