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15th Governance meeting December 29th

Link to livestream

Note: names are shortened, attending: RJ, Kris, Oz, Arthur

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 6:10 pm central european time

Pre meeting: Everyone gives an overview on their work & projects of the last week

Check in: quiet days, but no distractions


  1. Rewards
  2. Physical meetings
  3. Core team

Point 1. Rewards

Tension: How do we make regular rewards work in the new DApp. Do we still fill in the form?

Proposal: Make governance meeting about this.

Clarifying question:

Arthur - How to set time


Kay: Very important - full on

Oz: General meeting paranoia, but could be helpful

RJ: Sure - more meetings

Arthur: More meetings fine

Amended: Kris will ask Griff to plan a new weekly/bi-weekly meeting

Proposal passed!

Point 2. Physical Meetings

Tension: We should meet more often - get stuff done quicker. Next meeting with Kris/Satya/Kay

Proposal: We should meet in February

Clarifying question: None


Arthur: physical meetings are great

RJ: We should decide together - doodle or something

Kay: Sure. We should keep costs in check. Unofficial meetings are happening. Doodle is great

New proposal: We will make a doodle for when to meet next

Point 3. Too many people in Slack core-team channel

Tension: currently 26 people in core-team. Maybe some users not with us anymore.

Proposal: Remove some members from core-team

Clarifying question:


RJ: sure

Kay: should be run by Griff. Channel exclusion should be communicated beforehand

Oz: agree should be run by Griff

Arthur: pruning should not be hurtful, many members inactive

New proposal: Kris gets together with Griff on this to prune inactive members

Meeting ended 18:30pm