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14th Governance meeting December 22nd

Link to Livestream

Note: names are shortened, attending: Vojtech, Oz, RJ, Edu, Kay, Griff, Satya

Weekly update at beginning of the meeting: 6:10pm central european time

Logistics: Toggle on off ?

Check in: Griff: Toggled on V: Toggled on Edu: Toggled off Oz: Toggled on

Kay: Toggled on Satya:Toggled on

RJ: Toggled on


1 Roles in DApp 2 Milestones old dapp

Point 1.

Tension: Roles in DApp, lack of clarity around who goes where...

Proposal: We need to just make sure all the roles in the DApp are filled, I'm hoping we can use this space to brainstorm all the roles and lists we need to have detailed and then i can spend the next week getting everyone on board

Clarifying question: None




Campaign managers (Kris, Jordi, Griff, Vojtech)

Delegate (Griff)

Campaign Reviewer (assigned from outside the group) Each milestone reviewer is randomly assigned

RJ: Whitelists are used for random reviewer assigning, creating campaign/milestone, delegate.

Whitelist in liquidPledging - only owner can update or add plugins

Reviewer whitelist Delegate whitelist

campaign/milestone whitelist Also… everyone will need to either make new addresses for their Giveth roles or they will need to do some fancy web3 things to keep their old address (you can talk to RJ about it for help)

Satya/Kay: Nothing to add Oz: Whitelist should be open to devs

New proposal: Griff will go around and make sure that all these roles have people to fill them. For the most part people will need to make new addresses to back them up, unless they want to create a specific keystore file from their private key.

Point 2.

Tension: Old DApp not working reliably anymore - what to do with open milestones?

Proposal: Milestones from old dapp start to accumulate with no way of easy interaction - either move them to new DApp, or allocate resources in fixing the old one

Clarifying question: None


Kay: Issue should be dealt with priorities on technical side

Griff: We should move to the new dapp, people can make their own milestones its cheaper for gas and easier for everyone make a new campaign for migration?

RJ: remove the old campaigns and the dapp will be faster

Vojtech: New Dapp is the way to go

Oz: Sounds good. Doesn't want to give too many resources to old Dapp

New proposal: Swiftly solve issue to begin a fresh new year. Jen was in charge of milestones, but currently has limited availability. Satya and Griff make campaign on new DApp based on old milestones - tracked in Excel sheet.

Check out:

All around the impression of a great and quick meeting!

End of meeting: 18:40 pm

@channel! The Summary from today's governance meeting: Point 1: The DApp has many roles to dish out, we must have a keyfile to accept the roles and interact with the DApp, if you want to use your MetaMask key, you will need to export the private key and create a keystore file encrypted by a password..

Some roles have been decided:

  • Campaign managers (Kris, Jordi, Griff, Vojtech)
  • Delegate (Griff)

Some Roles need to be decided upon:

  • Campaign Reviewer (assigned from outside the group)

Some Roles will be randomly assigned from a whitelist:

  • Each milestone reviewer is randomly assigned

There are 2 whitelists that need to be populated: 1. Reviewer whitelist (People randomly selected to be a reviewer when a milestone is created) 2. Instigator Whitelist (People that are allowed to create Milestones and Campaigns)

Point 2.

Old DApp not working reliably anymore so we are going to make a Migration Campaign to take care of the old milestones not added to the new DApp yet. Jen, Satya and Griff will manage it.