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13th Governance meeting December 15th

Link to Livestream

Note: names are shortened, attending: Kris, Satya, Vojtech, Edu, RJ, Oz, Kay, Griff, Alex

Weekly update at beginning of the meeting: 6pm central european time

Logistics: Toggle on off

Check in: Griff: Not distracted Satya: Not distracted RJ: getting ready for a plane V: Toggled off Alex: Not distracted

Edu: Not distracted, Toggled off Oz: Not distracted

Kay: Not distracted

Kris: Distracted by balloon & cat


Reward DAO Leads - Griff

Point 1.

Reward DAO Leads

Tension: Requires leadership over main campaigns in Giveth

Proposal: Leads dish out points. Leads are Arthur, Griff, Kris, RJ

Clarifying question:


Kris: Anonymous voting by Strawpoll

V: no reaction Kay: We need someone to do it, Leads sound nice

Satya: How to keep it transparent? How do we keep record? System should be established

Alex: Same concerns as Satya

Oz: Excited for next level in experiment

RJ: Maybe minting minime tokens for system

New proposal:

Leads dish out points. Leads are Arthur, Griff, Kris, RJ - will transition to full on blockchain system - Arthur is working with Aragon to implement UI Keeping track in the short term:

Check out:

All around the impression of a great and quick meeting!

End of meeting: 18:25 pm