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12th Governance meeting December 08th

Governance Meeting Executive Summary:

The Live stream failed and the efforts to record also went haywire :-( this was addressed in Topic 5

  1. Griff has a new role in the Comms Circle with the domain over naming conventions and Griff is investigating the move to Giveth DAC with Kris.
  2. The Giveth Multisig is going to become 7 of 14 with many Giveth Team members added. This Multisig will hold the overflow funds from the vault until it is safe enough to trust. Griff will hold a Multisig tutorial meeting and set people up to use it.
  3. PoC DApp payouts on milestones will be delayed until the 15th with the hopes that the CryptoKitties congestion will be overcome.
  4. Meeting announcements will be made publicly from hence forth! During check in you will be able to toggle between active and silent participation. Before a new person can actively participate they must first silently participate.
  5. Meetings will start on time from hence forth! The person that facilitates the meeting is responsible for making sure the live stream works. Satya will work with Kay on figuring out a live stream solution.
  6. Satya will also work with kay on figuring out a plan for our Analytics.

Note: names are shortened, attending: Griff, Jen, Vojtech, Oz, RJ, Satya, Kris

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 6:10 pm central european time

Check in:

Griff: at coffee shop

Oz: Taking Notes, ready for it!

RJ: little distracted by earlier meeting

Jen: not distracted looking forward

Satya: Cooking but looking forward to the meeting

Vojtech: distracted because trying to review tests


Griff: Jen recording


  1. Revisit DAC Name
  2. Approve Multisig change
  3. Postpone DApp payouts
  4. Opening up meetings
  5. Start Meeting
  6. Analytics

Point 1.


Tension: I feel like it's confusing to be called unicorn dac, but at the same time we have a bunch of printed stuff that says unicorn dac.

Proposal: We have a straw poll, and if 70% or 4 out of 6 that agree to change, than would be open to change.

Clarifying question:

Reactions: Oz: Marketing decision, not into democracy of design… the Pro unicorn: its a characture, its fun, but we have to own it…. Pro Giveth DAC: goes with Dapp Satya: Likes Giveth DAC

RJ: Thinks unicorn DAC is confusing likes Giveth DAC

Jen: Loves Unicorn DAC

Vojtech: Likes Giveth DAC but remember there were good reasons for Unicorn DAC

New proposal:

Griff: will pursue change with Kris and Kay and put the authority in Kris's hands.

Griff: Amend again: make myself lead for name changes for Giveth.

Clairying Questions:

Oz: what?

Vojtech: isn't that for communication

Griff: i'm in communication but will work with team

Point 2.


Tension: Prefer our donations are made safe with insurance. We send all money to LP, but put real money in multisig. Everyone is a part of multisig.

Proposal: Make new multisig with 13 members. Where we store excess funds and top off from.

Clarifying question:

Satya: is this multisig just for us, or all charities that will use our platform

Griff: yes all of them, can be revisited later

Reactions: Oz: Cool, you guys do the audits, you know better Jen: Griff and jordi are well trusted, sounds good Vojtech: sounds good but could be legal consequences to having your name on multisig

Satya: using it ourselves is makes sense… i don't like playing bank… i wish the vault would be decentralized RJ: do we need it to be 7, seems like a lot of work. Can it be 5?

Kris: for me same, 13 members seems very big.

Amend and clarify:

Griff: yeah it was really hard to decide. Put everyone who is committed. All hearts are equal. Griff will deal with 7 out of 13. Also explained potential issues that could happen via encrypted message. Everyone should be informed.

New proposal

Griff will lead change of multisig and hold another meeting to teach people how to use UI for multisig. We add people. We put overflow money here.

No objects proposal passed

Point 3.

Tension: Gas is really high

Proposal: Hold off on paying out for a couple weeks and combining as many milestones as possible into 1. Still wants stuff from before 15 on old dapp (PoC). Will loan money if people need it.

Clarifying question:


Kris: no reaction

Oz: fine

Jen: fine if we group milestones for now, other milestones have to be pushed through this or next week.

RJ: fine. Slight concern. Would be a problem with our new dapp too.

Vojtech: Fine with it be postponed. Not fine with paying people out in meantime.

Satya: Would also be my feedback. Why don't we ask the recipients of milestones if they want to pay the milestones?

Amend and clarify:

Unfortunately we have to group milestones in groups of 5. In future it won't be a problem. The coordination costs are not worth it on PoC. Have been bank for a while, just putting it out there in case anyone really needs it.

New proposal:

Do what we've been doing. Delay payouts, and group milestones until 15th. Will grease wheels if need be.

No objections proposal passed

Top 4:


Tension: Core meeting group closed, would like to include public.

Proposal: Start announcing meetings in public. New members have to be silent first time. Say in checkin if you're just listening. Always optional. But to participate, you have to have listened to 1 meeting before first. Basically toggle whether people are going to participate or just listen.

Clarifying question: 0


Jen: great idea. All in for transparency and making things public.

Oz: sounds good RJ: I like the Toggle, concerned about the length of the meetings… inclusion vs efficiency… could be pre mature optimization… we can address it later, the idea to make people listen is a good idea Vojtech: like this, really good.

Kris: so sure, for circle meeting we can start announcing in public channel. Wanted to do that next week anyway. Please don't use @channel too often. People are going to get annoyed and mute.

Satya: like to open up stuff. You can watch live stream. Perhaps you could earn meeting participation by contributing first as a way to have more committed people.

Amend and clarify:

Every person should control their own meeting. Liked RJ, Satya, and Kris's input.

New proposal:

No changes. All meetings will be announced in public.

No objections proposal passed

Top 5:


Tension: Livestream is a waste of time at beginning of meetings.

Proposal: i will ask Kay to do it

Clarifying question: 0


Griff: knowing how to live stream is important but live stream working is not easy to control. Real solution is to grab a server to make this work, as's thing Oz: Live stream is really important, we need a better tool

RJ: we should start on time instead of starting 5 mins after.

Jen: tension is more that we have to be on time. Everyone has to be on time.

Kris: I was 26 mins late, thinks Giveth is quite punctual.

Vojtech: we often wait to start live stream, so we should just start as soon as we join.

Amend and clarify:

New proposal:

Start meeting at 6 no matter if you're there or not. Will work with Kay to find solution that works for live streaming.

No objections proposal passed

Top 5:


Tension: Most analytic tools are centralized.

Proposal: Would like to integrate mixpanel and GA even though they're evil.

Clarifying question: 0

Oz: Is this a governance issue?

Satya: yes


Griff: Kay might have some good ideas. Kay and Vojtech were the main guys talking about this

RJ: Good for developers bad for users. Kay might have ideas.

Oz: Both MixPanel and google analytics are required for this… Timing is everything, some times these things cause problems too… so things should be solidified

Jen: no opinion on analytics but Kay has a plan

Kris: could be governance circle separately talk to Kay

Vojtech: just do it. Need it as soon as possible.

Amend and clarify:

New proposal:

Will talk to Kay. Will make sure analytics happen.

No objections proposal passed

Check out:

Griff: thanks great excited push forward

Kris: sorry for being late glad we all quicked

Oz: Great Meeting Jen: good meeting Satya: i'm happy nice to talk to you again

End of meeting: 10:00 pm