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11th Governance meeting December 01st

Link to Livestream Pt1 Link to Livestream Pt2

Note: names are shortened, attending: Vojtech, Griff, Kay, Kris, Jen, Perissology, Oz, Alan

Check in and beginning of the meeting: 6 pm central european time

Pre meeting: Everyone gives an overview on their work & projects of the last week

Check in: people are distracted by finishing up notes, having appointments after this meeting, distracted by current work, intentions:have an efficient, short meeting and finish the budget so that this is no distraction anymore

Logistics: Budget stuff first, rest at the end of the meeting, pls try your keep your comments short!


  1. Escape hatch
  2. Reward DAO Revision
  3. Approve the Giveth Donation Platform budget.
  4. Hire RJ
  5. Hire Satya
  6. Hire Vojtech
  7. Hire Grace
  8. Governance Budget (Hire Griff)
  9. Community Coding Budget
  10. Giveth's pot 'o Gold
  11. Mobile app
  12. Riot Migration
  13. Multisig for Giveth

Point 1.

Tension: deploy contract to main net next week, need to know who's the owner of the vault

Proposal: make a multi sig for the escape hatch, Vault owner needs to authorize everything

Clarifying question: V: owner needs to make transactions? Yes, also owner can escape

Reactions: G:multisig=who? Everyone who wants to be on the multisig should be on it, Jordi needs to look at the vault, we send all the money in liquid pledging, Kr: yes for multisig, J:yes to Griff's proposal, Kay: would like to be on the multisig, V: agrees, Oz: yes to multisig

New proposal: escape hatch destination is giveth multisig, caller is one of x multisig with Griff & Jordi, V+S+RJ, owner Griff or Jordi

Clarifying: recent multisig can be used

Proposal passed!

Point 2.

Tension: the reward dao is a very important part of giveth, Griff wants to move it and to open it up to all circles

Proposal:l maintain for everybody and evolve it to lessons learned, Griff shows new reward dao sheet

Clarifying question: initial points, how are these decided?=everyone has as much as they get, does every circle gets to vote on all the other circles but the own one?yes, is the amount fixed? Yes it is, donations could be more but minimum is 4000$, Why are we having different currencies?if i am a volunteer, it's very hard to see how much points i have.

Reactions: Oz:likes it, thinks that it's not good on a monthly base, payments needs to happen instantly, 2 weeks should be ideal, V:likes the idea but feels that one month is two long, not really convinced about the amount of money, Kr: does not get the concept yet, amount should not be fixed, we have bounties, Jen:likes the idea, likes the group voting, thinks two weeks has to be done,thinks that not always fit in bounties that is why we need the reward dao A: likes the idea,please do it two weeks, R: disagrees on the fixed amount but likes the idea of the sheet, K: amount is to high but he likes the idea and the proposal, would like to see the bounty system for non dev's.

New proposal: Griff:interesting bios btw people with regular reward don't like it and people who losing regular rewards like it. This is not a lot of money for work, the bounty system is not tested at all and favoured the reward dao because it's simpler. 4000$ is not to much

Amending: 3000$ instead of 4000$

Objections: Kay: retract my reaction, let's increase the number,pls make it more Kris: do not object to the total amount, jen: does not like the number of 3000$

Does anyone object to 4000$? RJ does, Vojtech: it should not be minimum, the devteam will decide to donate to the milestone, Kris: same as Vojtech

Griff: there is more going on then the dapp guys! Governance is important, community and communication are important. Dapp gets more money but everyone else gets stiffed! Governance gets less because Griff will fund it whatever what.

Propose: allocate 4000$ for this splitting, 3000$ for December for the first month and see how it goes, extra 1000$ to vote on to add

Oz: clarifying: experimenting how giving works, if someone does something that has nothing to do with the dapp, can that be rewarded through this? Griff: yes if people use our system for this, points can be given to everyone. It is targeting for the giveth dapp & governance departments

Vojtech: thinks we should not decide now, things are altered in the last moment

Kris: allocating money is ok but why needs there to be a minimum?

Integrate: allocate the same amount that it has always been, 4000 a month and we work on the reward dao in an extra meeting. Vojtech still objects against it

The last proposal past! 4000$ will be allocated to the budget

Point 3.

Tension: dividing into 4 circles, we need different budgets,

Proposal:l asking for the numbers in the budget

Clarifying question: allocation for devteam : front end 80ts a year, 105ths a yea, 80ts a year, 60ts in bounties, 30ts is for march 01st, V; had a look at all the comments, people who are working on the product if we can not give them a competitive salary, for now til march will increase proportionally

Reactions: G: it's not fair to have the 30.000 allocated, but ok up to march first, Oz: budget things are tough, thanks for all the effort, let's push forward, Kay: nothing to say, RJ: allocation is important, dividing the current funds make sense, Alan: thx for putting this together, nothing else. Jen: too much money for all of ye! But she gets that we have to keep RJ. does agree with Griff on 30.000$, Kris: normal salaries for devs, that's all.

Back to V: 30.000€ is allocated for an IPFS note running, is also in communication.

Proposal still standing.

Object Griff: u don't have a meetup before march 01st it should not be there, what is the proposal for? Let's not put things in the budget that are not there yet.

30.00 before or after march 1st?

Are there plans for meetings in the first quarter> no. Should not be in the budget. Devcon was the big last meeting.

Proposal passed

New proposal:

Point 4.

Tension: 500 ether up for grabs

Proposal: Logistics of how dividing money will go and escaping.

Once the DApp is live on main net, the respective portion of the Ether will be donated from the Giveth multisigs to the corresponding Campaigns in the Giveth DApp. The escape hatch on the vault will be set to a Gnosis based 50% multisig controlled by all Giveth team members. The escape hatch caller will be Griff (or maybe 1 of x multisig?). Once the money is in the system, it will be escaped to the multisig and the vault will be filled by at most 70 ETH at a time.

Clarifying question:


Griff: This will be the golden ticket to move past money discussions and get on to building the platform. Like percentage proposal to deal with volatility. After march 1st, we should move to donor funding and be fully accountable through dapp. 70 ETH should be determined by

Kris: No Reaction

RJ: How much we put in vault depends on how much is insured.

Alan: Sounds good to me

Kay: awesome go ahead Oz: Nothing to add

No objections, proposal passed.

New proposal: Create 4 campaigns and we use the platform as the accountant and have some in the

Point 5.



Currently Giveth should have almost 500 ETH (~$215,000). This money should be split and allocated to the respective circles according to the percentage of their respective budget. That is:

  • 53.2% for the Giveth Donation Platform development
  • 18.7% for Smart Contracts
  • 14.5% for Communication
  • 13.6% for Governance

Expenses until now:

Clarifying question:


Griff: likes how money is allocated, the exact details will depended by the groups. Excited for this, details (ie amounts) need tweaking. Also got office numbers from Sonia and need to tweak. Reward Dao needs more.

Kris: Agrees with Griff, bug thinks percentage numbers needs to be updated to match latest info. According to spreadsheet percentage are a bit different.

RJ: Agrees to go with percentage numbers for March 1st.

Kay: awesome guys, totally for it, nothing more to add.

Alan: agree nothing to add looking forward to seeing this through.

Amend and clarify:

Vojtech: agrees with percentages for March 1st.


Griff: agrees with percentages for smart contracts and governance.

RJ: proposes we drop webdev salary from 80 to 64k because Satya cannot devote full time until March 1.

New proposal:

48.9 product

diff smart contracts

18.1 comm

16.1 gov

No objects: Proposal passed

Late objection/clarifying question. Actually this is an new proposal:

Vojtech: we should have a deadline for expenses?

Griff: before 12/15 let's do old way, after let's do new way.

Vojtech: agrees but

Point 6.

Tension: Griff: what about outstanding expenses on PoC dapp?

Proposal: before 12/15 let's do expenses the old way, after let's do new way. Let's have deadline of 12/31 for old expenses.

Clarifying question:

Kris: regarding administration, how do we manage budget? Is it governance that will do admin of paying people?

Griff: yes governance does everything terrible.


Kay: so boring go on

Alan: nothing to add

Kris: no reaction all fine

Vojtech: agrees

RJ: sounds good

New proposal:

No objections proposal passed.

Point 7.

Tension: I hear a lot of talks about a mobile app. Haven't seen this in technical meetings.

Proposal: Mobile DApp should be communicated on more and we need an update!

Clarifying question:

Reactions: V: it should communicated on more Alan: It doesn't get funding from anything yet, we are getting a quote but these are not 2 different products, but we need the DAC working and we want to prioritize that, Alan will sti with Kris later

Oz: The mobile DApp is not the priority, I can do a show and tell and i dont want it to distract Kay: I like what's being built but it's a distraction, but the data is out there and it is really exciting. Griff: echo exactly what Kay said. Thinks it will integrate really well with dapp. But it's a distraction from dapp.

Amend and clarify:

Doesn't understand where it fits in with Giveth projects. Would be good if showed up in tactical meetings. Let's table until 12/15.

New proposal:

Point 8.


I have been working on riot. Did research, talked to Status.

Proposal Riot migration. Let's go further with migration. Mirror slack channels in Riot. Use website where you see all our rooms and links (which can replace pinned items in slack). Follow plan to migrate one group at a time. Afterward close slack channels.

Can get this going in 1 week, would like to start now before we start onboarding more people.

Plan of ACTION

1 - Mirror Slack channels in RIOT

2 - Code out a community landing page

3 - Change onboarding links, graphics

4 - Migrate core team and give support

5 - Migrate community and give support

6 - (Optional - needs strong acceptance) Close channels for posting on Slack side except #general

(Points 4 & 5 are optional if a strong minority does not want to migrate)


  • Get matterbridge running on droplet

  • Compile list of changeable onboarding links

  • Replace

Clarifying question: Kris: asked details about doc.


Griff: surprised how excited how he is about Riot. With riot you can share groups across UIs. Really good for building networks of groups. Can have multiple chats from other teams in one UI. MEW is excited about buying in in March. Giveth could be the example. Should do sooner rather than later. Kay is amazing. Super stoked. Which is surprising.

Vojtech: absolutely agree with going to Riot. Really sucks can't find old conversations. We are opensource so we should support opensource. Would like to see more details and specific dates on action plan. Want to minify risk because we depend so much on Slack. Let's run pilot for 2 weeks and then kill Slack.

Alan: would be nice to integrate Riot tech with our dapp or giveth owned website. If there is a white label where we can build our own UI it would be awesome. Software needs to be straightforward for non devs. Thank you Kay for looking it to it.

RJ: like that you can have other teams instead of having to change slack. UI sucks but you can change it. There is potential to building it into our dapp using matrix protocol.

Oz: sounds good do what i can to help.

Kris: Looks nice, would be nice to have landing page that gives slack or riot and see which one wins. Would be nice to do with some other projects. Will personally try it out.

Amend and clarify:

Kay: to Alan, the encrypted room used before has performance issues. By choosing public integration we can have influence on new features. This could help us show how to help DACs using technical communication solutions.

New proposal:

Kay: Allocate Oz for droplet. Will proposed detailed plan on Monday with dates. Would like to remove slack option and just move forward with riot alone.

No objections proposal passed.

Check out:

End of meeting: pm

Griff: Great meeting budget stuff is done. Toughest one yet.

Kay: Sicorca is fucking awesome.

Kris: Tough meeting. Thanks everyone. Happy we made it.

Oz: good meeting love the progress RJ: Marathons are tough till they are over, RIOT!!!

Vojtech: thanks for meeting this one was most important by far.

Alan: thank you everybody. To Kay, let's have video tutorial on how to use Riot.