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1st Giveth DAC governance meeting

Held during Team bonding Session September 2017

Step 1: Check in:

Vojtec wants to talk mostly about quality Grace: wants to talk about the actual output of the holacracy Kay: is totally happy about weekly meetings OZ: learning, not destructive Jordi: revolution in Catalonia, liquid pledging UI worries me Jen: not destructive, wants to talk about her role Z: don’t like to talk in front of people, wants to help more Satya came in, big destruction:)! Satya started to make UI/UX, started building the dapp in react

Step 2: Facilitator states meeting logistics

Did not happen

Step 3: Building the agenda

One to three words,secretary writes it down What is distracting you,what the intention

Agenda building Tensions, do things have to change?, proposal to change it


  • Blog posts
  • Creating a playbook
  • goal for devcon 3
  • launch,energy,product
  • my role(Jen)
  • demo
  • roles and team organization
  • communication
  • product clarity
  • wireframes
  • tactical meeting?
  • Voting system


Blog posts: tension: no blogpost in a long time, proposal:weekly blog post to devcon, create a role who is managing this, griff wants to take this role Questions: how should that be done Answer: more about who is responsible for this What should the blogpost be about?

Reactions: adding another role, Satya doubt that Griff has time for this Z is not sure about what to blog about Jordi: should not be once a week, we have a lot of things to communicate but not once a week Oz thinks it’s a great idea Kay: shares the doubt about Griff having time, likes the idea Grace: not writing for writing, has to be organized, has to have sm support V: blog post should lead to the end goal How to visualize it? Alan: as more images as better

Clarifying: Let’s start a weekly blog post circle, Grace should be on the circle, Griff is responsible for making it happen, he does not have to do it every week

Objection: ( will the proposal cause harm or sent Giveth backwards) Jordi: if content is not good enough it will harm Giveth, he thinks is save enough to try Is it important enough to spend energy on it?(Satya)

Creating a playbook

Tensions: Guideline on how team interact with each other, framework, tension: we have nothing like that Proposal: create a playbook

Clarifying question What role should be in charge to create it? Various roles, strategy,organization, culture Role or circle for this? Temporary circle

Reactions: People like it but Jordi thinks we get lost and don’t know if it important enough, Z thinks it is not clear enough, playbook should be the holacracy system and the governance meetings, to Griff the governance meetings should be the playbook, Alan thinks it will conflict with the governance meetings, V thinks it is very necessary, playbook should be a guideline

Clarify proposal: Can be taken in different steps, how do we handle expenses, how do we work as a team, someone new can read the playbook and see how Giveth works, it would also be transparent. Proposal: what areas do we agree to? What do we have to address, has to be written down, subcircle for this-create a temporary circle is the main proposal

Objection none

Goal for devcon 3

Tension: we need to prepare, what do we expect, do we have goals

Proposal Define the goals, have a small meeting about it

Clarifying question Only goals on developing side? Should we create a circle for devcon 3 for strategy:answer: no, should just be a meeting and define goals Is Jordi going to lead the circle? Depending on the goal, if it is technical Jordi will lead, if not, not Circle should be to determine a goal? Noyes, we just need to define roles Is Jordi leading this circle: Jordi will lead this circle Jordis proposal is to have a meeting about it

Reactions: Everyone agrees

Objection none

launch,energy,product (Satya)


Tension: Energy died after, while the burn, before lots meetings Proposal: bring the energy back, design it to Griff

Clarifying question Does Griff has to be in every meeting? yes What is meant by it makes a difference that Griff is involved? Satya feels that Griff is the emotional leader Why does it have to be that is lead by Griff’s energy: if Griff is not in a meeting, than people think there are no decisions made and that brings the energy down One thing is the decision making and Griff is the energy leader for Giveth, this are two different things: we have meetings but there is a sense of are we going in the right direction, Griff has to be there for this(Satya) What is the role or proposal: Griff has to be in every meeting(Satya)

Reactions: Griff: no way he is attending every meeting, he does not want to make every decision, he wants to address people to be in charge to make decisions, it is impossible to be part in every meeting, there has to be some kind of scope for decision makers, Griff is very happy about the good energy he spreads Alan: don’t think it’s very healthy to rely on one person to make decisions, People agree on the energy part and also V: likes the proposal, thinks it is necessary to make sure when the decisions are final and can not be reopened. How much power does a circle lead have and if all the interested parties close and finalise given topic Griff or any other person should not be able to question it. Grace: thinks it is important to have him but we need more people to be able to make decisions, it is important with or without single people needs to function at all times the same time Kay: allow people to be decision makers, motivation has to come from everyone! Should be vocal and tolerant at each other RJ: agrees with the tension Oz: agrees with the tension: but everyone should make decisions, strategy: everyone should be self leaders, he is extra committed to bring the energy back to the dev team Jordi: product owner has to be clear and has to be able to make decisions, only one person can be a key person, Jen agrees with the energy but also thinks that more people have to be decision makers Z: everyone should be able to make decision

Proposal after reactions: Product owner role is needed, Griff is nominated as product owner Clarifying question: product definition as a circle? Satya says yes, proposal: there should always be someone from product definition in every meeting, one person from the circle should be there Clarifying question: V: does Staya think that the lead link of the role should change? Or should the rights of the product owner change?

Objection Jordi thinks it should be the same person all the time People in circle shape product but there should just be one person as point of reference

Integration It is ok when it is one person from the product definition as the decision maker, has to be Vojtec in the meetings, Vojtec is down with that!

Objection: meetings are not mandatory

Launch, product

Tension: 7 people are working on the product, what are we going to do after launch, onboarding lots of products Proposal: we need at least a circle that thinks about this, after launch more people for slack channel? Clarifying question: do u have circles or roles in your head? no Reactions: next week

Jen’s role

Tension: Jen role not defined, does thousands of things, doesn’t know when others should or on Proposal: Define my role. Changed to define everyone’s role.Everyone should define their role is the new proposal Clarifying question: Can you propose a role for you to lead or change a role you already hold? Where do you see your skills are best for Giveth? Reactions: Lots, Oz is offended because he doesn’t want to go through the whole circle/role again. He thinks people should be much more responsible in their role, Jordi: not everybody has to have a role but has to be committed to Giveth/the organization,

Objection: We did that already Save to try? No Suggestion: Homework assignment to define everyone's role Proposal is changed in everyone is defining their role in the new sheet: illing out this spreadsheet Vojtec: thinks it is wasted time to do the governance meeting, nothing is achieved yet

Roles and team organization

Tension: people are in giveth anymore, roles should be redefined

Proposal: redo the roles, faster than the first time, governance meetings every friday

Clarifying question: spreadsheet sufficient to accomplish that - no Can it be done by governance meetings-yes


Tension: vojtec feels like everyone is working on there own thing, no one has clear idea what is going on, how to enforce a better communication, who knows what is going on tec wise and what’s going on with the dacs?(questions by V)

Proposal: report on what people are doing, weekly meeting with a status update what is going on in the circle: establish weekly meetings, establish a goal for every role, goal for the metric, V will be the meeting lead role

Clarifying question: are we not doing that with the giveth progress/smart milestones? - no, not deep enough What is the proposal? We should switch ways of communicating, show and tell is almost impossible to make it

Reactions: People don’t want to have meetings all the time If meetings have to happen, not to often People who want to be rewarded should show something(Z) Griff loves the idea of rewarding people for good work Mandatory video show and tell!

Summary of proposal: Have a weekly show and tell per video and V will document it

Objection Jordi does not want to do a weekly progress report

Voting system

Tension: decision making progress

Proposal: voting system using jordis smart contract, can we have a voting system that can overrule any decision in giveth

Clarifying question: is this for a specific circle-for the dacs Voting system on how the product should work: we have a voting system for everything Ex. onboarding people, scope, Everyone can have vote for any issue they have Already implemented in every role, everyone can already call a vote(Griff) It is not a good idea to vote on everything

Reactions: Kay: voting makes sense for onboarding new members but not for everyone, not to many votes RJ: in def it makes no sense, should not be voted OZ: not trustfull to have votes, have a vote if u want to and talk to people when u have a problem, don’t vote them out Jordi: want to avoid voting, Jen: no way, no vote should overrule the decisions of circle leads, it is not trustable Z: no problem with voting, voting is the last resort Satya: orga level: tension can be brought up in a meeting and something comes out of it. On a product level: decisions are user driven, votings not good, this is what we have this meetings for Griff: doesn’t like to impose majority over minority, but knows that voting is part of holacracy, is it one person one vote, cool with having pools over ideas U can vote on leadership questions, not a secret voting! Vojtec thinks there need to be votings when it comes to things that affect the majority, for those decisions there should be voting systems

Grace clarifies: she wants to have votes as last resort for giveth, that should be part of the playbook strategy Satya question: there is still no clear example for votings, we have this meeting, we don’t need a vote Oz: voting on roles is already part of holacracy, u can vote on roles Jordi: holacracy is absurd anyway….

Objection none

End of governance meeting