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Giveth Community Meeting #62

Feb 21st, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Griff, Lorelei, Kay, Michael, Kris, Josh, Dani

dropped-in: XXX left-early: Dani


Griff - EthDenver pushed things forward, clarified things for self around larger picture/plan and went to Zargams. Got all his notes, can start basic implementation if we have to. Nailed down timeline to align with him. Odyssey update, nearly 3rd team complete! New Dev Jorge from devcon gonna start work. One more week and he can join us. Burning man org and dappnode hardware brand. Griff riff promoted today. Just woke up distraction. Meeting as fireside intent.

Kay - distractions. Odyssey stuff, pushed wiki through

Josh - Juggling stuff, cat hearding.

Kris - Sync intent. Mozilla call questions, JP meeting about story telling, comms meeting and learning about TBC and TCRs from Jeff. Watched the Griff riff. Github review. Roles review. now reviewing Abbeys article.

Michael - fireside. Snowy. Eth Denver face to face meetings. Lots of networking and meeting people coming to next meeting. Mozilla chats, following up with Josh and Bruce to get it podcastified. Checking in with Jenny to gear up release process.

Danni - Was low key for the month but looking forward to hearing what were up to. Working with contributors and beta users, campain improvements, twitter, linked in shares. Reading more to keep up and get more familliar with the ecosystem. Working with a few beta users to reveal our data. Reward DAO article to help people through the process, user tested it. Looking into how we can improv the video process.

Loie - Excited to have a convo about reward DAO or wall of fame. Was an interesting topic this week. Little distracted by trying to manage peoples late feedback on roles so catching up as distraction so useful late. Was at eth denver. Roles herding and sesh. Convo with Voijetect about whats next for him and his projects. Hung with Griff and Zargham. All good!


Toggled-Off: -


  • Point1: Loomio on Data fund
  • Point2: Reward DAO in Dani's loomio
  • Point3: Dapp prioritisation
  • Point4: Unicef stuff
  • Point5: Naming structure
  • Point6: The Commons Stack Update



Campaigns need analytics data for comms.


Share analytics with Datafund

Clarifying Questions

Kris - is it possible to give them acces to their part only?

Griff - It'll be cool to see what they do with the data!

Kay - Looking for opportunity with the GraphQL integration. Reads your Ethereum Dapp into a graph for metrics. Griff knows them really well. If they have a track at Eth Paris


Short round due to lack of blocks/abstains.

Amend and Clarify

Proposal stands




Wall of Fame is hard to use.


Getting a video up has a bad cost benefit. Theres also a caching problem on the site. When people actually get there it fails. Historically it was there because milestones didnt have vid capability. We have this now in milestones. Whats the score with resources?


No proposal yet, would like to hear ideas.

Clarifying Questions


Griff - I thought it was abandoned! Dead project? lets just use the milestones!

Danni - Just raising it as its a gov thing!

Loie - Can the videos just auto-opulate into wall of fame when added to the milestone?

Dani - I dont know...

Loie - Its an engaging way to connect with causes.

Griff - Commission Frederik to RIP all the videos from the Dapp automagically, but it only makes sense to do that if we promote the wall of fame.

Kris - yeah, not cost effective perhaps. I agree we can let it die. Paying for extraction is ok, but not if no one is visiting it due to cost. Perhaps create a way for self transference of history.

Dani - i have been working with eli and making a bit of a guide for getting people to do milestones on their own.

Griff - feel free to loop me in the new release version makes this very very easy!

Kris - I'm happy to help with reviewing your walkthrough guides

Amend and Clarify




Fireside chat

Dapp prioritisation.

Its an experiment so please participate! If theres something you want you have to add it yourself. When things are complete you get you bullets back but loomios kinda buggy, you gotta go to your response and hit edit and scroll right. You now have to be active but maybe its possible to set up alerts.

Michael - will send out weekly reminders and will mention in the community meeting each week. Now you can get DAO and change your vote whenever and however you like... (#breakme?) Youll always have 50 points to shift around and on Friday we lock it down on that snapshot but will prioritise as we can. So its a recommendation engine for the prioritied tasks for the week!

Kay - Conviction voting is very git hub compatible, we could make that a project.

Griff - you could even hack loomio to make this work for Giveth.

Unicef stuff

Michael - I've seen an opportunity for 90k equity free companies (note) from unicef. Its a bit like the mozilla google issue in that we are trying to change unicef/dismantle those types of org. Does this make sense for us though?

The grant itself would have to be in a developing country. We know a for good company with a legal entity to partner with.

Griff - is mexico included?

Michael - Tiahauna is a great call. But dont know.

Kay - Clarifying question: How much work do you think it is to apply?

Michael - I'd guess its not a huge amount of work but its not a huge amount of cash either. Its kinda more an institutional question about the future of giveth

Loie - Curious where the unicef thing came from. Who made the conections?

Michael - I dont know. Its possible someone was lobbying them on the B4H side of things.


Slow week for decisions. Fireside chat mostly.


No Checkout due to Roles meeting following

End of meeting