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Giveth Community Meeting #61

February 14th, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Griff, Lorelei, Josh, Gustavo, Bowen, Kay, Jeff

dropped-in: - left-early: Jeff


Griff - distractions - might be eating broccoli and pesto hummus - intentions to kick through these Loomio’s. Then getting the team together. Also had a great meeting with Abbey from Onwards Labs - want to build a white label DApp, also starting the Burning Man show, talking to Block.Science - putting a lot of effort into the open token engineering commons, lawyers, pre-sale, and Pando building out the TCR part, and level-k part and talking to Rafa about getting devs in Tijuana. Meeting up on the 22nd and more Dev support on the App and will have a little office and then creating issues and DApp stuff

Lorelei - Not really distracted - did a lot of stuff for the Unicorn DAC and making issues. Made a Loomio for Bowen to become a Unicorn, moved out of the Barcelona house, flew from Barcelona to NYC to Denver - got to sleep in a 24 hour SPA ( do that whenver you can ) got really sick, took care of travel logistics, made milestones for me and Dani

Kay - met up with Griff and helped in Barcelona with the move.Spent some time with Josh. I also played again with the Aragon CLI - documentation still lacking - made a forum in Discourse, some stuff in the DApp, still want to test release

Josh - f-all today because his computer is broken - last week at hackathon

Gustavo - in Florida with family - talking to people in Radi-Cards - had a meeting of the guy with Radi-cards - not that interested to apply this effort to a DAC just yet because they are so busy - taking to Dev’s in Madrid - want to build a token for community meetings around blockchain and so on, influenced them to build a DAO or DAC not just a token. Still need to break down a project description with that. Expectations for the meeting - Loomio about clearing up the roles - here today would like to start to take notes of the meetings and to be part of this.

Bowen - kinda distracted by Eth Denver this week.


Toggled-Off: -


  • Wiz through some Loomio's
  • Point1: Different naming for Support Link in
  • Point2: Better documentation and maintenance of gov-meeting with the gov-cirlce-maintainer role
  • Point3: Introduce way for threaded discussion via running own discourse instance

Wiz through some Loomio's


  • Weekly roundup on App prioritization
  • Loomio about changing DAPP style - like a running thing - items can be removed and or added at any time - goal is to simulate - conviction voting style - passed by everyone
  • Changing the milestone to something - leave as milestone but will tackle it with the DApp revamp
  • Bowen is now officially a Unicorn so that’s a big win for Giveth!!!! Yay!



In UX review it was clear that the "support" button was misleading.


Change the button to say: "..."

Clarifying Questions

Lorelei - Do we mean the button in DApp header? Griff - Yea!


Josh - add an s to problem(s) Kay - I am for "Create an Issue" because essentially we are catering to github using developers with this function. Bowen - I like both problem and problem(s) Lorelei - Like to phrase it more like a (positive) question. Sad that later options are not usually considered by people who voted already. I think 'Create an issue' is limiting but could be fun to have auto-populated issue - but need language that appeals to a broader audience - problem too choppy - more like a sentence Gustavo - Problem is a negative word

Amend and Clarify

Tabled for now, but Griff will make a new dot poll for this.

Griff - small thing - maybe loomio poll should be a dot poll - will try it again next week - looking for participation from RJ and Vojtech Objectives - Kay - maybe taking two steps at once - ask what would be a cool concept first - renaming buttons not a big thing - for this most ppl all be Dev - also to include an option and we need a better support solution - concern about resources beyond github




Need to clear up roles around gov circle, relieve Griff from facilitating community meeting, step up the game of gov maintainer role.


Notes need to go to the wiki, approved policies, lots of gov circle maintainer actions are slipping thru the cracks.


What was a collection of agreements that became a role but not so organized, should now be stewarded by the triad of 3 dedicated gov maintainers: Lorelei, Josh, Kay with detailed flow of how to complete all tasks of gov maintainer each week.

Clarifying Questions

Griff - can you state the proposal more clearly? So you want to create a role for a triad that was previously held by a single person, and the parameters of the role are detailed in the loomio - is that right? Kay - its really about handling all the organization and documentation around community meeting. Lorelei - who is the Triad - Kay, Josh, Lorelei - Is it fluid - just need to know about how community meetings are organized Kay - yes this can change, it is important that hosts know the INs and OUTs of community meeting.


Griff - Love the proposal. No sure I trust handing off facilitation fully - I like Loie's proposal that i stay on for half of the meetings in the beginning sounds good, but man do I love people wanting to take things off my hands - in fact it's my goal for february so I can't say no! Totally down to try - Griff’s head is in the token bonding curve - Griff is happy to shed responsibilities

Lorelei - love the triad and the break down - like this, also think Griff is a good facilitator of this meeting - Loie thinks Griff should play part of this role because he’s very good at it - takes a lot of finesse - wants it to stay effective - stays on at least once a month - wants to keep up the productivity culture of this meeting Bowen - Think its great to mix it up re: facilitation of this meeting Josh - maybe spread it as a web of trust - S3 has a host and facilitator - my preference to reduce burden on Griff - it would be nice to go with delegated structure - to know which room its in, who is the facilitator and note-taker etc. then follow through on commitment Gustavo - need experienced facilitator - to ask the right kinds of questions - lots of repetitive tasks - thus could be splitting those accountabilities - Griff to remain the facilitator but someone else to take forward the repetitive tasks Kay’s amended proposal - is to approve this new role as a circle of hosts and keep Griff as the facilitator - but can also skip a week and the rest should be taken care of. Now at the end of this meeting, need to appoint who is responsible for hosting the next meeting.

Amend and Clarify

This proposal is really about the host role, all the tasks besides facilitating, and changing the facilitator is not necessary! I propose anew that we keep Griff as the facilitator, unless he is sick, busy, whatever doesn't want to facilitate then any of the Triad can step in for him. Kay to be responsible to host the next meeting with support from Josh, Lorelei. Griff to facilitate.





We need more threaded discussion, lets tryout discourse in practice.


We host discourse ourselves, use it for forum discussions and if it proves valuable we attempt bridging it to Riot.

Clarifying Questions

Can we bridge to loomio? Social coding project? Kay - looks actually not possible. Lots of desire for this and years old discussion about it


Loie - I'm worried about losing the connection btwn discussions and decisions... until loomio came up with this thread thing we did not have much transparency around what informed decision making. Anyone who wasn't actively in every meeting and every chat room would feel lost looking at decisions on loomio and missing major pieces of valuable perspective. I'm worried if we push discussion to another platform we will be in that situation again... how do we retain this connection?

Griff - in the history of us outsourcing to other platforms, it never really works... the more integrated pieces usually win with way more participation. it's safe enough to try. I feel like to could do a lot by using loomio for threaded discussion - slowly integrating more threaded discussion - if its works its at the expense of Loomio - creating a culture of threaded discussions in loomio - Griff say go for it, but is spectical

Josh: love synchronous and asynchronous - all for it

Gustavo - go for it if its possible to bridge

Bowen - all for threaded forum discussion

Amend and Clarify

Sounds safe enough to try, loomio is not good for thread discussions, but yes we will NOT use discourse for decision making. Kay will try to bridge the forum to current Riot.




  • A new discussion will be opened by Griff about the support concept and naming of the DApp.
  • The governance-maintainer rolegroup is now officially responsible for hosting the community meeting (do all the org and documentation), while Griff stays standard facilitator but also has the option now to pass it to somebody else.
  • We are trying out threaded discussion on


please refer to live stream.

End of meeting