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Giveth Community Meeting #58

Date: 24/01/19 Youtube Livestream


Bowen, Griff, Josh, Gustavo, Kay


Bowen - Odyssey, SC role call, security guard.

Josh - Gov lab, Odyssey, notes distracting me.

Griff - Dapp and Iden3, holiday as the distraction. Talking to Aragon DAC person looking to be a Dev. Figuring out funding around Aragon stuff/Dapp stuff.

Gustavo - Building DAC around artistic pieces. Talking to Radicards (crypto Xmas). Evaluation phase still. Integrating Artist pieces and organization. Next week is Aracon, so discuss more there. Getting familiar with Giveth work.

Kay - Gov lab, documentation of experiments. Formalizing what we do as a blueprint. Formalizing what we want to try as well, practice. Finished Kays lab server, self-hosting for free!! Jupiter Notebooks experiments for Jeff???


Toggled-Off: Nobody

Agenda item 1

  • Triads (work formation) - Josh
  • Hackathon Participation (odyssey have an ethical track for first 50 team sign-ups)
  • New funding streams and updates
  • Token bonding curves
  • Anti Patterns - Josh

Agenda item 2

An analogy is music: The Chord disappears when the fingers leave the keyboard... its sort of like paired programming, a triad would be an extension of that. - easier to distribute knowledge - easier to bring in an outer person - easier to stay on task - helps stay robust and decentralized

gov-lab was a triad! with L, Josh, and Kay

2 types of givers: Loners like RJ Collabers that are socially inclined

Agenda item 3

Hackathon participation: Wants to add a command about Hackathon and social coding event reminders to the giveth bot.

  • Mini hack at AraCon
  • Goerlicon day after Aracon
  • ETHDenver (Feb 13-17), Griff judge?, shilling TBC teams
  • Michael's event! Feb 22
  • Unblocked April 1st
  • Another in Paris (EthCC April 7-9th?)
  • Odyssey (April 11th-15th)
  • Eth Capetown (April 19-21st)

What about Blockternship? Figuring out what happens at hacks by watching EthDenver. Not sure what the score is but will figure it out.

Agenda item 4

Funding streams and updates

Have you heard of co-budget? Yes, it is from the inspiral network. Possibly at AraCon(?). Done for years, solid model. While looking at co-budget it's interesting to look at their pricing. Its the only one that allows you to pay customers who have no contact. If you look at what your money gets you, its deeper levels of support and consulting. The unicorn booklet might be good to offer much like they do in services. Once we're out of experiment mode and more hardened we could go into consulting. Its a potential outlet for the social people also. Wanted to bring up re: funding which is often donation orientated. Selling general services is interesting. For orgs that want to experiment (SMEs?). Crypto teams being reliant on decentralized technology are all looking for this kind of thing and don't necessarily have the skills.

Team or group consulting is interesting as we train individuals to essentially do this for themselves (by moonlighting).

Arago DAC was kinda a concierge service.

Agenda item 5

The goal of Curry model: support the commons

Currency incentivizes specific behavior

Bitcoin incentivizes running a common network. Other coins incentivize other specific things. Micro economies with common good thanks to incentive alignment.

Giveths goal is to realign incentives around "tragedy of the commons" issues. Ethereum > homelessness.

How do we realign incentives in broken systems??

Gov attempts to do so with tax (broken).

We'll play with the curry model until we have something better. then move.

It's not an ICO but has the whole economy tied in. Trash hero incentivized clean up of beaches in Thailand. 1ETH = You receive 100THC, The DAO receives 100THC.

Eth acts as collateral. Tokens act as incentives and cash out for Eth.

There are many variables on the Token bonding curve. Tokens are issued on purchase and raise the price of further tokens, incentivizing to people to share. As people pile in it raises the reserve of eth (a good Ponzi). There are then variables on the multiple levels that are a design problem. The higher the participation, the more expensive the tokens.

Ponzi is a parabolic curve. We are using a sigmoid as it creates a roof on the reserve (to be responsible). You can add extra dimensions to curves which are additional variables (don't create too many!).

There are various options that can be designed but our focus is on donations. If one buys in and out in the same second they will likely make a loss as some of the reserves is kept.

Its Curry because were in Thailand right now. But there's CURation, and CURves so it's nice.

Gustov - maybe a bit intangible? Example: Hotel being donated by the mayor, limited number. A chance to monetize off the work done by the cooperative. Fair distribution. (Same thing)

Griff - there's value in avoiding legal structures and sticking with abstract causes (as it doesn't attract the SEC but is the same thing). The best thing about sustainable DAO's is that if they work and complete their mission they can naturally disintegrate without a conflict of interests (problem is solved, why donate to solved problems?).

Kay - whats my incentive to donate? Griff - You can earn by spotting causes early. If others follow after you have a chance to earn. If we curate the list of causes, people can diversify their impact investments across a variety of causes (outlined by risk profile - see kelly betting). If you invest in people not solving the problem you are likely to lose your funds, DONATE WISELY!

That's advanced stuff, simulations need to be run. It's almost VC model, seed, round 1, round 2 dilutions etc. Like a CDP but cant is liquidated. Before you can get tokens you can be made to participate via delegation or voting for projects.

If curation isn't favoring a DAC, donations can still be solicited directly, if it burns people can still clean up beaches!

Rough spec by Jeff in existence. The first experiment is with blockscience getting funding for token engineering research (block-funding). Create the first curve for them to fund R&D and implement for others (fractal/bootstrapping innovation hub)

End of Meeting