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Giveth Community Meeting #57

Jan 17th, 2018

Youtube Livestream


Loie, Josh, Michael, Kay, Dani


L - Minimal distractions M - Not distracted, intent to get through loomio. J - Bowens out but in Riot. D - Clearing stuff from her site. Release testing. The intention is on Roles

Logistics (what have you been up to ?)

Toggled-Off: Bowen (ill but on Riot)

L - happy with roles process emerging. The pushy woman on the hackathon J - Ostrom notes, governance research, Kanban, hackathon M - Loomio, classified issues in Zen hub brought into loomio. Separating notes from actions. Talked to Lanski about the budget, update in next week. The first series of DAoification meetings happened, wants diversity, bringing more people into the loop (still small and agile). Working on an event for next month, giveth listed as co-organiser expecting 100 ppl. Coordinate with podcast team coordination. Organising direction on bonding curves. FEw others getting involved (Acknow fella joined our community), wants to bring a community of 1500 to Giveth from their site as it ran out of $$. Good asset. K - Aragon DAC stuff. Griff to update so won't himself. Adapted the roles sheet a bit. Added extra roles to the wiki stuff and did his bits. Regular community follow up. Reviewed Eli's funding article. Reviewed Adams Dai article. Call about the great merging (wiki), gone live. Held a comms call. G - Aragon DAC fall out. Big piece, got funding from MakerDAO - closed. Showed them how to use the dapp. Worked with Jeff on Block science article. Reviewed DAI article. Touched bases with ppl out of the loop. Chang Mai. Made a Swiss legal entity for giggles. Looking at structures of legality re: bonding curve stuff. Trying to find someone in Barca to set up the office. Aragon Chang Mai meetup. D - working with Swarm, working with Vocadoni. Getting Andreas to help by redoing his stuff, same from bloom. Crypto Christmas ppl are merging with Radicard DAC forming. The flow of donations was manually intensive, getting users to decide. Data fund set up. Email form for whitelisters and project owners who are not using, why? Reward DAO, campaign transferred from Lindsy. Filled out roles.


  • issue prioritisation loomio
  • Is there a governance backlog as suggested here?

Agenda item 1

People know the drill. The difference now is I've added an indication of bug, priority or feature (ported from git hub process). Most ppl are selecting bugs! Nothing else. (later in roles suggested about decentralised sign off - e.g. 3 people rather than Griff)

Adgenda item 2

J - Can we make a list of sorts for governance backlog items?


Clarifying Questions

K - was pondering that myself L - what lands on the wiki and what doesn't? K - very hard to document agreed processes as we forget after L - loomio DAI split is a good use case of not remembering the specifics. KR - would be nice to take the learnings from these confusions into wiki descriptions. K - we can do it on git hub to test the waters and document the outcomes in a wiki G - would love governance to follow in comms footsteps. Can write the description for GitHub. K - best document whats happened already. Then move forward re: modelling the DAC. Would love to take the learning of what happened. Giveth wiki is our collective will to the world!! The big picture of what occurred. M - is there a bigger picture of how the offline community works with the Dapp?? e.g. Curation markets are the same as loomio. It's a continuous process. Is there a meeting place between them KR - yeah, exactly that. Documenting decisions for Dapp prioritisation. Looking at the future.
K - researching them they all want to make the work a better place as the first port of call! We need to document this better. Misses the tooling up and playing in social coding

Social Coding J - let's close a loop with the Odyssey hack people. Be friends share their media and indoctrinate them into SC M - SC is very fundable. We just need to make it a bigger Schelling point. K - that was the Blockternship, cool start but fizzled, then dragged. We could try again? Colony also have a bug bounty and would love us to use them. Meta Colony has a rewards process which is good.


Governance repo Document personal governance learnings Get the blockternship running again

End of Meeting