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Giveth Governance Meeting #56

January 11th, 2019


Michael, Kris, Loie, Josh, Griff, Bowen,

dropped-in: dani


Michael - talked collabs w/ onward labs, Josh - talked with hackathon organizers, Dani - dropping in, intending to do loomios and shift all the focus into this meeting do all the things! Griff - super focused on aragon dac, jeff tbc stuff, Bowen - social coding sync, bridge monitor changes,


  • Mozilla talk
  • Gov-lab experiment 1

Point 1

Mozilla talk and opportunities


We have an opportunity to interview dude from Mozilla, we need to decide how to conduct this and what we want to talk about!


If there are ideas or topics regarding Mozilla then put them into loomio

Clarifying Questions

Mark came from a group called APC (associated progressive network) Node network working on issues related to IT and internet and helping people in the NFP space. Was part of (little shops offering net access possibly in developing countries). They pushed the communities around the telecentres. Huge community organiser type person. Believes in community to solve problems and brought that angle out in the Mozilla foundation. Hes building the network and trying to counter the GAFFA adgenda. Shared modes of thinking. Based in Toronto and San Fran. Also created a giant space in Toronto called the centre of social innovation. Giant co-working space with 500 non profits. Biggest in Canada for sure. Did come work with Clue train manifesto


G - happy to letmichael take it M - I can do it sure but internally feel that Griff might be a better spokesperson (but dont wanna overburden) G - I can be there and field extras


Kris Human ventures/Onward labs shark tank project (biggest risk). HV is VC, OL is blockchain labs projects funded by HV.

Michael - were gonna talk with them Thurs, need to regroup. Onward labs are facillitaing and interested in Givet opportunities.

Dani - Wanna white label a token based giveth. Other projects that might help. Wanna support us in our long term goals, they love the dapp and community and wanna work together because of alignment. Have other things they might wanna fit in

Kris - is it a tv show?

Dani - show and platform, they vote on gamechangers with tokens (participatory shark tank). More votes generates tokens. Fiat getting integrated. End of season some of the cash pool goes back to voters and participants. Next steps: Lined up where giveth fits into an interactive platform. Micael and I will work with V to fit them together and find out what that looks from a Dev perspective so they can discuss resorcing, funding and directions.

Griff - is V interested in doing this through RSK or xDAI. Need to be platform agnostic. Lots of pro's through xDAI

DAni - multiple proposals.

Michael - tomorrow they will share their timeline.

Dani - they sent us a beautiful proposal. We'll share that with everyone.

Griff - if they wanna do token voting we're close to an Aragon solution. They're aligned with our vision so if we can move that way it would be cool.

Michael - talking MVP, they've explored Aragon and are very interested in the features that can bring to the table.

Griff - theres another validator on xDai that really wanna port aragon to there. Most of the moving pieces are starting to align that way.

Kris - lets set some time apart and discuss the strategy if we can :). Abby proposed based on shark tank and put our logic in the proposal. Good opportunity for the Dapps evoloution but we need a good battle plan.

Michael - agree, its a great opp to push the xDAI puzzle pieces. If they are interested in that then its would be awesome!

Griff - 7pm! any other fire sides






Griff - sorry I've not been around. Excited to kick ass and talk with us all again later

Loie - Enjoyed fireside. Excited about creative funding sources, great job all making these connections :) Hang out and work I like, please come along and hang while getting roles stuff done :)

Kris - thanks for nice meeting. Informative, thanks for updates. Shark tank sounds like a nice time for the Dapp team to shine. Looking fwd to a meeting and working out a solid proposal. Willing to help anyway possible. Kai sends love.

Bowen - Thanks for the good meeting and about to do a catchup. Love to know if anyones going Eth denver (bar griff and loie).

Michael - Thanks great meeting as always, thanks for taking time to feedback on Mzilla questions. Looking to catch up in Riot and move onwards labs fwd

Dani - onwards labs. We should discuss app issues, I'll share ink to user feedback.

End of meeting