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Giveth Governance Meeting #55

January 4th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Kris, Kay, Michael, Josh fairhead, Griff, Loie, Bowen

dropped-in: - left-early: Kay


Kris - lots of community mgmt this week. aragon flock stuff discussion on terms with Loie. intend quick and efficient. distractions thailand time!
Michael - intent: get thru loomios, vacay week fam time ski resort! events, getting dapp back on track, grant meetings set up - onward labs, outreach to potential DApp dev's
Josh - tidying wiki. intent to get on gov and comms milestone i put up.
Kay - helped josh merge big wiki update, onboarded Loie as a Unicorn, needs to leave early to get a stroller
Loie - intentions - good conversation of on conflict resolution, this week did DAC delegations, and corrected some previous errors, did some makeup milestones, talked to Bowen about social coding roles, engaged with the thing
Griff - this week very busy with Aragon Flock proposal (now postponed by a week) Did some R.J. back in the fold, a lot of DApp issues, talking about how to fix them. Mostly ignoring the issue since it believes it wouldn't exist, also still researching token bonding curves, helping make Bowen social coding lead. Help getting ETH into the DApp. Not distracted.
Bowen - just got password for keys. Now has ability to wokr on milestones discussed yesterday. Taking over stewardship of SC, hopefully later will get all milestones kicked out for office upkeep. Not distracted, got coffes, will see how loomios will play out!


Toggled-Off: XXX


  • Point1: Donation Splitting?
  • Point2: Conflict resoloution?
  • Point3: Format for DAI?


Donation splitting


Got ETH, now what?


Split ETH halfsies between Giveth DAC and Unicorn DAC.
For Giveth DAC half: Keep most as ETH convert 25 eth worth to DAI.
Split half/half: Unicorn DAC/Giveth DAC?

What do we do with donations in general? See Loomio

Clarifying Questions

Wheres Pol? - Bangkok, likely asleep due to time zone which is alkward to make.


Kay - what happens to the donations is the deeper question.
Proposal is good for now, but what about future donations? Bowen asked is this the end of the circle split? We should take this as a chance to create a rule about incoming funds. Timing is critical with this one. I'll approve this but i hope we continue immediately with making a policy for future. Michael - fair balance between everything, likes idea to get policy around this down the road. Nothing major to add
Kris - skip to josh
Josh - Just to add is now the time to make that decision? Rather about timing. (See Loomio comment for further details)
Bowen - no strong reaction, still hazy as to whether we are splitting between circles anymore? ok with what's in the og proposal
Kris- fine with it and answered Joshs question in the loomio
Loie - totally down with proposal. Cool opportunity with big decision getting made without policy, the nimbleness is nice and assessment warrented. not being bound to over commitment to old policy is nice.

Amend and Clarify

Splitting between circles ended with loomio proposal that bore the Giveth DAC. Why does nobody keep this info in their head? Ran out of external donated money a long time ago. Griff is currently main funder.

Collective funding is nice. Proposing half the funding goes to Unicorn so G doesnt have to make those decisions. Bunch of milestones need to be paid out still. Everyones behind on milestones, nice to have fat kitty for DAC so ppl can be paid and feel secure.

Milestones should be made in advance. Another loomio perhaps?



No serious objections, proposes to move eth form multisig so that some can be changed for DAI and then split as per loomio. Only for this donation.

Proposal passed (with caveat that Griff will talk to Pol to clarify)


Should a Facilitator step in - or wait to be called in?


This is how a facilitator acts in our decentralized organization. The people who are closest to the issue have the keys to solving the problem. Thus a facilitator only acts once called upon. however, recently getting more feedback to be getting more proactive.


  1. Facilitator is only called upon when asked.

  2. Facilitator see something they start to step in.

  3. Approach all individuals how they are with conflict and need an initiator then would help with that role.

  4. Have a monthly checkin with everyone to see if anyone is having any conflicts in the galaxy.


Facilitator is only called upon when asked and only then the facilitator becomes active. However the facilitator would also checkin more organically with people to see what support they might need. Would go into the conflict resolution sheet.

Clarifying Questions

Kris - all good
Michael - all good
Bowen - all good
Griff - all good, Loie would know best - have opinions but revised.
Josh - all good, would really prefer that third parties would not manifest between the two parties. ie prefer everyone be an adult
Kay- disappeared

Amend and Clarify





Format for DAI


How should we type it? new users may not know what it is.



Clarifying Questions



Michael - Go no dollar sign
Bowen - speaks to personal familliarity but checked places, convention is 100 DAI no $$ sometimes $1:1 DAI.
Griff - doesnt like the $$ as its not true and DAI can fluctuate as people get confused. Arbitrage etc is difficult to account for in the Dapp. Would rathere have a clarifying statement because it can all get weird.
Loie - been unicorn delegating and accidently used USD conversion, which was not accurate. Doesnt like the insuinuation that its a dollar, mexican dollar uses $ also same for NZ$ so doesnt think dollar sign helps, actually potentially confuses things
Kris - following the majority

Amend and Clarify

Go with number, space, DAI



Fireside chat

Kris - Whens the dapp meeting.
Michael - Thursday 4pm CET so governance reminde, implement, review on friday :)

How does shit hit the fan re
Discussion on taking the high road. Ignoring. Few suggestions about pictures and sentances to correct the reality of implications (giveth vs giveth galaxy name). Some odd messaging. If only the realtionship was more trustful.

Support button added to the Dapp!! Direct line to RJ :p




Josh: added to community notes in wiki :)

End of meeting