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Giveth Community Meeting #53

Dec 20th, 2018

Youtube Livestream -


Lorelei, Dani (traveling), Kay, Kris, Griff, Josh, Bowen, Michael


Kay - Appoint notetaker before meeting pls! We should be stricter on taking them and need to manage this better.

Michael - see what ppl are up to, loomios. Distractions, holiday. Fundraising, been reorganising the sheet - colums/probabilities. Introducing Griff to parachute, introing us to their community. Restructuring Dapp process more to a sprint. Suggestions for loomio fit in. Monthly session. Preliminary roadmap = clear direction where we are going. Preparing job description for the Dapp. Connecting to people to check skills, DAOified donation dapp build by them. GraceAid. Went through the whole of drive to understand documentation.

Loie - Roles process, bugging, chasing, hearding cats. Commitment meeting for Dani. NFT card booted for being to psych. Wrote about funding from Unicorn DAC. Scuba cert. Intention, excited to hear responses to proposals about whitelisting reviewers. Perhaps a more refined strategy is possible with some ammendments, distracted by roles and sleepy :)

Griff - crypto xmas stuff, xdai validator setup finalised. Xmas editing. Rallying support around differnt communites. Ensuring Dapp is working and issues. Talk to people figure out wasy forward with the team. Newsletter. Open source block explorer > decentralise data now. Trojan foundation doing similar to Curry model, gonna call into one of their meetings. more xdai and aragon stuff, little bit of everything. Intent, have a good meeting, move forward with loomio proposals fairly quick. Not distracted, slightly sleepy!

Bowen - interesting week! 10hs into 42gb of burning man audio, security guard, dai mailstone payout. Intent is to hear about loomio. Distracted by hunger


Toggled-Off: Nobody


  • Point1 - Announcement: Loomio scatter voting on dapp issues. Add your own issuse, anyone using it should feedback. Add to github/list.
  • Point2: Reviewers whitelist
  • Point3: Monthly Video Call

Point1 - Announcement

Everybody can vote on loomio on how to prioritize issues for DApp bugfixing


We need to be able to prioritise feat requests for Vojtech

Clarifying Questions

Michael questions for best way with Loomio; if someones addressing an issue. Ongoing or completed should be moved off agenda. Should be waterfall for Vojtech, can we give him that based on the vote and then have him signal ongoing tags in progress etc! Outcome is - We will also use ZenHub to make it easier on Vojtech.


Adopting stricter ruleset for reviewers


Non active reviewers are confusing newcomers to the DApp. We need a process to remove reviewers that show lack of participation.


See loomio (; this is about addition or removal of reviewers process


Curating the reviewers whitelist


Half life on reviewers activities. Reviewer whitelist is on the server and requires specalised access.


Proposed 6 months; if not active, clean out. Must put milestone reviewer in roles sheet, feedback given, then see who/what needs doing


Bowen - yay Kay - yay, is this just giveth reviewers or whole system? We should think about dealing with it at a larger scale. Perhaps role sheet limits it to giveth? Michael - yay Dani - yay, hears Kay, but would like manual for a bit. Griff - yay, hates the idea of putting it on the roles - high bandwitdth. Would like to keep people on the Dapp incase people want to come back. Concept makes sense right now; Dani as benevolent dictator rather than loads of rules. Kris - Good thing to have process/person in place. Unsure about practice but in favour of not automating it - checker people. Reviewers job should be described well so mostly about the form rather than content. Reviewer would ideally be randomised! Loie - brings up questions about whos doing admin when scaled.... Sounds like were good on manual system.




Open community learning.


Get guest, interview them/have them present/group - use for podcast. Propose topics, dont have to be expert, something we want. Will co-ordinate monthly speaker.


Kay - awesome - please go ahead, maybe make a second slot in the week for alternating meeting topics Kris - nice iniative, lots of meetings. Lets just start, pre meet with a pretotype. Well organised one offs, quality over quantity Bowen - likes but meeting fatigue as well Josh - amen all Griff - push it and make it happen. Can we add a creative spin though, like everyone asks a question, needs to be interactive Loie - obvious go! Glad someones up to it! Dani - excited


Good with more loosey goosey format. I'll do a sheet with Kris and we'll get it rolling

End of Meeting