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In this part you can find the notes for all of our Giveth DAC meetings!

Every week the Giveth DAC holds their weekly Community Meeting which is announced in our Riot Chat. Everyone is always welcome to attend to check out how we work!

Transparency is at the core of Giveth so you can watch all these live streamed meetings here.

Our meetings initially were called 'Governance Meetings' but for clarity we now call these Community/DAC Meetings. Below you can find a short recap of Meetings 1-16, on your left you can dive into all of them!

For more info on the procedures we follow in our DAC meeting, more here

Recap initial Community meetings (previously known as Governance meetings)


1 Governance Meeting, September 15th 2017

( This was the very first meeting in the governance style so it was long a bit chaotic) A weekly blog post should be done A play book will be created, this can be taken in different steps, how do we handle expenses, how do we work as a team, someone new can read the playbook and see how Giveth works, it would also be transparent. Devcon 3 needs to be prepared Product owner role is needed, Griff is nominated as product owner, after objections it was decided that it is ok when one person from the product definition acts as the decision maker. this has to be Vojtech in the meetings, Vojtech is down with that! Homework assignment to define everyone's role Have a weekly show and tell per video that Vojtech will document Proposal for a voting system for decisions within Giveth was rejected by the team

Link to notes:

Notes 2nd governance meeting 22nd of September

Preparing Devcon, creating a circle around the preparation of Devcon, Alan was nominated to create shirts for the event Accountabilities: Griff want’s people to be accountable for their roles. He will go through the spreadsheet for roles one by one per person. He will talk about the proposal in next week again.

Link to notes:

Notes 3rd governance meeting 29th of September

Jen wants to move the team organization to clubhouse, she will make a post in the organization channel to check out clubhouse and give feedback on it Kris is as external needed to do social media and blog posts, role is proposed and accepted by the team Smart Milestones: team members are not sure why there are two different forms for the smart milestones. Jen and Oz explaining again why this is the case and it is decided that Oz should be in charge and decide what has to be done (‘cause he is in charge of the regular rewards) Expenses verification: team members are confused about what expenses are reimbursed and how to. A form for this will be created

Notes to meeting:

4 Gov Meeting 6th of Oct

Proposal for an every day stand up meeting, proposal passed Proposal for making a giveth team twitter list & and a governance meet add on. Twitter list passed and governance meetings will be streamed in the future Giveth DAC or Unicorn DAC? We can decide at a later date what we do with the unicorn visual but we go with Giveth DAC, pronunciation undecided. Proposal passed No Agenda for Devcon. Kris will make a one day agenda for Cancun w/ Jen & Grace and share in priv team

Notes to meeting:

Notes #5 governance meeting 13th of October

Proposal for a regular weekly video by the core team before the governance meeting to stay tuned on what other team members are working on. Proposal passed Vojtech started full time Xavi LP. Build the UI for liquid pledging, everything else will be discussed outside the meeting, proposal rejected. Grace removes herself from the regular rewards Testing transparency: Proposal for making the testing data outcome public. Outcome: Sharing the link to of the testing data to a channel and making Vojtech the lead of distributing the tasks that have to be done Mvp deliverables: have in the next week a reality check to check if the current mvp is presentable

Notes to meeting:

Notes #6 governance meeting 20th of October

Not enough issues for volunteers.Proposal to post more tasks in the volunteer channel. Proposal passed, Jen will work with Oz to find integrations for Giveth github issues for volunteers. Team is to distracted. The big goal is not to build a product for one charity but for the big community, we need a roadmap, we should decide this things together, video should be a part of the mvp, proposal: v will write down all projects and we review them at devcon.

Notes to meeting:

Notes #7 Governance meeting October 27th

Kay takes the new role for documentation of videos, he will work closely with Kriss Meeting with all (volunteering) finalize the agenda until it’s finalized on the 29th 05:30 pre meeting to build the agenda Everyone should join #mentions and see all that is posted. Kris will chat with Satya and Jen in cancun. For now try to retweet everything by follow the mention channel, Kris will follow up with Jen & Satya Timing: governance meetings are moved to 7pm CET

Notes for meeting:

Notes #8 Governance meeting November 10th

Budget circle meeting is needed. Will be done on Tuesday Oz wants to build a mobile app. After discussion: Native or non-web mobile app. The important thing is offline access Google drive has to be open for everyone, at least viewing access

Notes to meeting:

Notes #9 Governance meeting November 17th

Notes are to long. Only the highlights should be recorded. Jen promisses improvement. Rewards: Replace regular rewards, keep core knowledge and values, a core team should be ~5 people working fulltime with competitive salaries. The core team should be hired through ethlance perhaps through voting. Core team members are required to maintain a reputation. Roles defined by needs and filled based on talent will be the most efficient, start from need, stop wasting money. Follow up discussion is needed, topic is tabled. Vojtech will send out a doodle for a tactical meeting to talk about the budget.

Notes to meeting:

Notes #10 Governance meeting November 24th

Kriss is appointed temp communication lead Griff is leading the legal discussion on options on becoming legal in your country 4 circles start next week, circle leads will run these Griff is smart contracts + gov lead Vojtech is product lead Kay is Riot transfer lead

Notes to meeting:

Notes #11 Governance meeting December 01st

make a multi sig for the escape hatch, Vault owner needs to authorize everything Griff presents new reward dao Budget. Huge ugly discussion with a lot of greedy people who wants more money for their work. Oz and Jen will lose their Jobs. Everyone is showing their true colours. Proposal passes. Logistics of how dividing money will go and escaping Mobile DApp should be communicated on more and we need an update! Kay will proposed detailed plan for the riot move on Monday with dates. Would like to remove slack option and just move forward with riot alone

Notes to meeting:

Notes #12 Governance meeting December 08th

Griff has a new role in the Comms Circle with the domain over naming conventions and Griff is investigating the move to Giveth DAC with Kris. The Giveth Multisig is going to become 7 of 14 with many Giveth Team members added. This Multisig will hold the overflow funds from the vault until it is safe enough to trust. Griff will hold a Multisig tutorial meeting and set people up to use it. PoC DApp payouts on milestones will be delayed until the 15th with the hopes that the CryptoKitties congestion will be overcome. Meeting announcements will be made publicly from hence forth! During check in you will be able to toggle between active and silent participation. Before a new person can actively participate they must first silently participate. Meetings will start on time from hence forth! The person that facilitates the meeting is responsible for making sure the live stream works. Satya will work with Kay on figuring out a live stream solution. Satya will also work with kay on figuring out a plan for our Analytics.


Notes #13 Governance meeting December 15th

  1. Reward DAO leads: Leads dish out points. Leads are Arthur, Griff, Kris, RJ - will transition to full on blockchain system - Arthur is working with Aragon to implement UI


Notes # 14 December 22nd

Point 1: The DApp has many roles to dish out, we must have a keyfile to accept the roles and interact with the DApp, if you want to use your MetaMask key, you will need to export the private key and create a keystore file encrypted by a password... its probably best to just use a key that you have the keystore file for and later you can add this to MetaMask. Some roles have been decided: Campaign managers (Kris, Jordi, Griff, Vojtech) Delegate (Griff) Some Roles need to be decided upon: Campaign Reviewer (assigned from outside the group) Some Roles will be randomly assigned from a whitelist: Each milestone reviewer is randomly assigned There are 2 whitelists that need to be populated: 1. Reviewer Whitelist (People randomly selected to be a reviewer when a milestone is created) 2. DApp Whitelist (People that are allowed to create Milestones and Campaigns) Point 2. Old DApp not working reliably anymore so we are going to make a Migration Campaign to take care of the old milestones not added to the new DApp yet. Jen, Satya and Griff will manage it.

Notes #15 Governance meeting December 29th

How do we make regular rewards work in the new DApp. Do we still fill in the form. Make governance meeting about this. More physical meetings are needed Remove some members from core-team, to many people on the slack channel. Kris gets together with Griff on this to prune inactive members



Notes #16 Giveth Governance Meeting Jan 5th

Point 1: With “tears in our eye’s” we head back to test net, as the fees are just to much. The Details:

A. The Mainnet deployment will stay there and if something changes, maybe we can use it. Griff will support the people who want to play on mainnet, but its a waste of effort. B. RJ is deploying a tokenized version on Rinkeby testnet asap. We will use this for our accounting system and use it just as we would on Mainnet to organize ourselves. C. We build a centralized peg to our LP token on Rinkeby, creating a donation bucket to accept ETH for each of the Campaigns and the DACs and then forward the ETH to our multisig. D. While we are working on this Peg to Rinkeby we will start building a coalition to collaborate with other for other DApps that need a solution as well. E. There will likely be many updates to this system and we will need to do more future migrations :-(

Point 2: We will use the multisig to pay everyone out as milestones pass on testnet. We will make a multisig tx every friday to a Multisend contract. We will create donation buckets for each campaign and the main DAC so each group can raise their own funds. Griff will make sure the multisend contract gets made. Potentially there will need to be a budget circle created within the Gov Circle. Notes to meeting: Notes #17 Giveth Governance Meeting Jan 12th Governance meeting next week same great time, same great place. In the future we will have a second meeting structured like a “fireside chat” or informal meeting. We have a new code of conduct, read it, enforce it, love it - Check it out! An effort will be made between Quazia and Kris to make sure tasks don’t fall through the cracks. How exactly this is done has yet to be solidified -- updates to come.