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The History of Giveth

We share these learnings in the hope it can inspire other communities, that want to work in a decentralized way.



Reduction of roles - especially those requiring regular contribution. The team is still in the process of finding the right way to organize themselves. For now the team is organized in four circles. Those are

  • Governance ( modeling the DAC, organization & administration of the team, reward dao)
  • Communication (for the outside communication of Giveth)
  • Dapp Development (all aspects concerning the Giveth DApp and its integration with the Ethereum blockchain)
  • Social Coding (as a laboratory for open source culture, tool and infrastructure focused software development)

Due to the new budget, certain people have to change their roles within the team. Governance meetings are ongoing and holacracy is still the preferred organizational structure. The teams effort as a decentralized community is ongoing. In finding what works best, we realize it takes a whole lot of adapability and trust when structures are in a constant flux (in our case established through familiarity between members) and bravery to look upon emerging technologies and just dive in, dogfooding your way and looking for consensus. Alas, this is the nature of an exploratory venture.


DEVCON 3 (!) - The team is doing an amazing job in representing and promoting Giveth at Devcon. The effort is amazing and inspiring. We feel the full transcendence of every single team member - Giveth DAC radiates, as the sum of our parts align.

Discussions about Governance structure, projects and budgeting are initiated before Devcon are discussed in the aftermath of the conference. A consolidation and reduction of roles is being considered.


Preparation for Devcon3. The team concentrates on organizing and preparing for the event, every circle is contributing in its own way and the team is making a big effort. Governance meetings are maintained, the general structure of holacracy is working well.


Team meeting in Barcelona is held to organize and align the team efforts for Devcon3 where we want to present the DApp to the Ethereum developers community. Reorganization of roles and circles commences, the resulting structures are getting clearer. This is still an experiment, the team is not yet at the โ€œendโ€ of it's exploration.


The team decides to be organized in a holacratic way. Circles are created and governance meetings are held every week. The reward DAO (a system to reward contributors for their work) is reworked and given stronger focus. The Dev Team lays the groundwork for the new Giveth DApp in architecture and re-organization of code.


Team meeting in Barcelona to set a governance structure for team organization and to talk about the Giveth culture and the technology that has to be built.

From now on the Giveth team understands itself as a Decentralized Altruistic Community, as Unicorns, finding their way to #maketheworldabetterplace.


Meeting of core contributors in Berlin to talk about the concept and vision behind Giveth


A first version of the Donation Application is launched on the Ethereum mainnet.


A first project website is published under


In the second half of 2016, Giveth is founded by Griff Green, Jordi Baylina and couple other members of the White Hat Group. They wrote the MiniMe Token contract, Vault contract and MilestoneTracker contract. Near the end of the year Vojtech Simetka and Grace Torrellas join to round out the team and the Giveth Slack is created.

Offline Meetings

Quarterly, most of team meets in person at a dedicated team meeting or a very big conference. The list below shows our past/future events. - 2019/01 Chiang Mai - 2018/10 Prague Devcon4 - 2018/08 Black Rock City )( - 2018/06 Barcelona - 2018/03 Barcelona - 2018/01 Chiang Mai - 2017/11 Cancun Devcon3 - 2017/09 Barcelona - 2017/07 Barcelona - 2017/05 Berlin - 2017/01 London